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  1. lvpg

    DR350 does not idle when warm

    Hello all, '93 DR350 [not S] has Jesse's air box mod, SuperTrapp muffler and has been rejetted to 142.5. Idle screw turned out another 1/2 turn, and needle raised to 5th position. Runs much stronger than stock, but now dies out at idle when warm. Will die when going down hill with clutch engaged, etc. Any suggestions?
  2. lvpg

    ttr 250 seat lowering

    thanks for the info! is it still comfortable?
  3. lvpg

    ttr 250 seat lowering

    anyone know an aftermarket seat mfg.co. to lower seat height without lowering suspension?
  4. lvpg

    DR350 Pipe Question

    Fix for what? You haven't said anything constructive yet. I've taken some time, asked a few questions and made suggestions, but all you've written is that the frame is not cracked and that you've "cranked it down." Cranked what down? The pipe-clamp? I've already addressed that. The hanger bolts? Once again, how many hangers are connecting your exhaust to the bike? Is there just 1 at the back fender where the frame and rear fender meet? If so, your system will never be tight. How are the rubber gromets on the hangers? Is it the correct system for your bike? I went on the cobra site and they don't even list dirt-bikes. Give me a little something. I'll be glad to help.
  5. lvpg


    Thanks for the reply Steve. I like what you did with your bike. I really like the Yamaha fender. The stock front fender is just plain stupid looking. It reminds me of the old "mudder" fenders when I was a kid. My mind-set is in relieving stress from the bike--not adding to it. Removing intake and exhaust restriction, then correctly jetting is about as far as my motor mods will go. I couldn't get a good feel for the Kubalinks and appreciate your feedback. I've read the web info, but honestly, don't feel the bike ever wonders to the side. I realize there is a change to the geometric arc, but am not sold yet. I believe I need a new spring as the bike will "sit" about an inch or so, as soon as I take it off the side stand, without any additional weight. What was the cost of your fork work [90-350]? I posted a question about front fork work, but only got 1 reply. Last question: how many disks were you running in the supertrapp?
  6. lvpg

    ceramic header pipe

    Has anyone tried one of Jesse's ceramic header pipes. Did some mods to my 93 DR350 [as previously written] and still cannot get over how much fun this bike is. With the jetting, smaller front sproket, airbox mod and supertrapp muffler, the bike powers through anything. The header seems like a nice addition.
  7. lvpg

    DR650 Oil change

    On my 350 you have to run the engin for a few minutes to get a reading. The oil won't even register on the indicator when cold. I'm not certain about the 650, but did the same thing my first change. I put the 2 qts. in [recommended] and nothing showed.
  8. lvpg

    EMERGENCY Oil Question

    Amzoil 4 stroke motorcycle oil. The best you can get...at any price. Though I don't know you're in any danger as I don't believe Suzuki makes oil for their crappy cars.
  9. lvpg


    Is their primary purpose to lower the seat height? After reading Jesse's page, I got the impression they improved rear wheel bounce.
  10. lvpg


    Has anyone tried these on their DR? Are they worth doing? Thanks
  11. lvpg

    DR350 springs

    Hello all, Back with another mod question about my 93 DR350. Does anyone have an inexpensive fix for front suspension? I'm not looking to spend $500; just a quick spring replacement. Can it be done? Thanks
  12. lvpg

    DR350 Pipe Question

    It shouldn't move at all [very little, the rubber gromets will have some give] if the hanger brackets are installed properly . The exhaust-pipe clamps only seal air. Though they do a small amount to stabalize the system, the primary positioning components are the hangers. If not, the pipe would break at the bend near the head. If yours is moving a lot, your hangers are not installed properly, broken, or missing -- END OF STORY! There are 3 or 4 places to hang the exhaust on a DR350. My suppertrapp uses one for the muffler and one for the transition pipe. The header is held by the flange to the engine head. If your muffler system is not using at least 2 hangers + the head bolts [1 on the rear fender/1 on the mid-level frame] that's the problem. It sounds like the previous owner did not install the system properly and was probably only a matter of time before is split. Be thankfull. If the clamps held tight, you fell, and the only thing holding the exhaust on was the head bolts, something would have broke.
  13. lvpg

    DR350 Pipe Question

    There are 3 pieces to my exhaust system. The header pipe, muffler and a connector piece which joinst the two on my SuperTrapp [93 DR350]. Does your muffler have a pipe that connects directly to the header? These pieces should be held in place with bracket clamps and not rely on each other for support. Each connection is at least 1" deep. My connection is not what you would call great [due to the size of the existing header and the muffler's extension piece] yet there is no way any of these pieces would come apart. One of 3 things to check: 1- Is it the correct pipe & pipe put on correctly in the beginning with all hanger brackets? 2- are brackets still in good shape 3- check to see if your frame cracked. It takes a lot of movement to pull apart exhaust systems. The only time I've actually seen an exhaust system pull apart [that was installed correctly] was with a cracked frame. lvpg
  14. lvpg

    dyno-jet kit DR650SE, how much more power?

    I did the mods: pipe, filter box, jets on my DR350. I know a lot of information will support more HP from the mods, but I would better classify the changes as more response than more HP. I don't know that my bike is any faster or has more overall power, it's just that the power is more immediate. It's not a night/day thing as many write [to me--no offence to all the helpful people here] it's more a "oh--nice!" type of feel. It won't change your bike to a KTM-EXC. It's worth the effort if just for the new found intensity you'll have as well as your new found familiarity with your bike. There are many here who will help with the process.
  15. lvpg

    Uni filters

    Thanks for the reply. I did check them out but couldn't find anything. The NO-TOIL site seems better as do their filters. No doubt UNI has the distribution. I've learned though, that doesn't always make them better.