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  1. I did what FLboy said. Impact wrench had no effect on it. I slide a crowbar thru the rear sprocket ,over the swingarm to lock it.(holding the rear brake doesn't work) Then I put a 2 foot cheater bar on the socket wrench and gave it a good push. Just make sure you flatten out the washer behind the nut and turn the nut counter-clockwise and you should be good to go.
  2. I turned one on a lathe at work and then anodized it black. But before that I just left the end of the muffler uncovered.
  3. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure. It's already off and in my hand:)
  4. I'm doing the shift star mod. right now. the instructions from planetklx says the star gear will slide off once the tension arm is pulled down but it appears to be held on by a 5mm shcs. Is there anything behind the star gear that might fall out of place or lose timing if I pull the bolt holding the star gear out? Thank for the help, John
  5. Is that a fourstrokesonly competition seat cover on your KLX? Is the tall seat foam easy to install on the stock seat pan? I like the cover you have alot but I noticed fourstrokesonly sells a couple different ones. I am pretty sure it's a competition cover but wanted to confirm that with you. Thanks, John
  6. CRF230 too small and underpowered. Go with the KDX200! Good 2-stroke
  7. Does anyone know how the new Pro taper contour bars compare to the regular Pro taper bars? I know that they are about $20 cheaper and they are 1-1/8" like the regular ones. Thanks, John
  8. The shift lever on my klx 300 with riding boots seems too short and low. I tried moving it up one spline but that's too high. My boots are broken in well, so I'm not sure how to fix this. All the aftermarket levers are the same as the stock. By the way my normal shoe size is a 10-10.5 so I'm wondering if anybody else has had this problem? I guess I'll have to modify a stock one to suit me. Please share your experiences with the shifter. Thanks, John