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  1. Hello! I need your help and advice. At the end of January my friend placed an order in Belgium company on this web page http://www.c2pshocks.com/ He need a HLS link for his son's dirtbike Honda CRF 250 2014. The link have to be a little longer than stock to make a bike little lower. He received invoice, paid 280 Euros at the end of January 2014. After 2 weeks he called to the Philippe Missotten to ask about the link. He received an answer that next week they will ship the order. On the 3 week - the same answer... And so on. He can not receive the order. Customer service do not answer on mails, they fix my friend's phone number and do not answer on the phone... What can he do to solve this problem? No money, no spare part... My friend is living in Moscow, Russia. The Holeshot Link he paid is in Belgium.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-RyZiVEOZ4 150 motobikes on the start line. Amateurs and proffs in the same heap. Next race will be at the end of september.
  3. AGMerlin

    Eibach spring for KTM

    My weight is 105kg. My bike is KTM 450SX 2005. One week ago I change a stock shock spring to Eibach spring with rate 8,5-11,0. Is this spring will be good for my weight?
  4. Hello! I have front sprocket 14T, rear - 52T. I put front - 15T and the gears become longer. Is it better for the engine? Or it is better to put front 14T and rear - 48T?
  5. Because it is heavy, the engine become superheating in summer time (radiator is the same like on KTM 450 SX, but engine size - more) and so on. I bought my motorbike 2 years ago. It was not new. And now I want something different.
  6. Hello! Please, help me to choose motobike. What I have: KTM 525 SX 2003 What I want: NEW 2006 - Honda CRF 450 or Yamaha YZ 450 F or Suzuki RMZ 450 or Kawasaki KX 450 F (or KTM 450 SX, but the price is 1500$ more than other bikes). Is a big difference between this Japanees models? I am an amateur rider, but I don't want enduro motobike. I used my KTM 2 years and I love it very much. Thanks!
  7. AGMerlin

    Smokey 450

    I am not a specialist, but I know two things: if the smoke is blue - the problem is with piston rings (the oil is going from engine to the spark plug), if the smoke is black - you need to set up mixture control screw in carburetor. If you drive more than 100 hours on your bike, it is better to change the piston with rings. Check the colour of the smoke!
  8. Hello! Yesterday I tried to setup the spring on shock absorber WP. In the manual there were: the spring should be gripe min - 4mm, max - 10 mm, standart - 6mm. The difference between side cover and swingarm on motorbike on the ground and on the stand (without driver) must be not more 35 mm. I griped the spring more than maximum 10 mm (about 12-13 mm), but I did the right difference - 35 mm. The question is: is it critical to the spring this gripe? Can my 100 kg weight broke the spring (or shock absorber)? P.S. I think my bike become better (for me).
  9. AGMerlin

    Start problem on KTM 525!!!

    Thank you very much to everybody who helped me!!! What did I do on saturday: 1. Dismounted carburetor from my bike and disassembled it. 2. Cleaned all jets and "holes" inside with air 3. Assemled carburetor back 4. Setup mixture control screw 5. Twisted throttle 2-3 times 6. Kicked starter 1-2 times (not 10 minutes) 7. Thaks god! The engine alive. When the engine warm, I pull out "warm" choke, kick the starter and no problem - I am driving again! Thank you! Best regards!
  10. AGMerlin

    Start problem on KTM 525!!!

    When the bike is warm, during 5-7 minutes I can start it easy (kick 1 or 2 times) with a warm choke on. I am living in Moscow, Russia. Now the air temperature is the same like in Canada - about 23-28C (75 F). I forgot to write marks of jets, when I disassemble to clean carburetor. So I cannot tell you about it. When I start the engine (cold), I never twist throttle. Maybe this was a problem?
  11. AGMerlin

    Start problem on KTM 525!!!

    My friends told me - do not touch the throttle when start the engine. What do I feel, when I find the compression stroke? You don't use choke on (for cold and warm engine), do you?
  12. Hello everybody! Last year I bought KTM 525 SX (2003). It was not new. From the begining, I have one problem: start the cold engine. How I start: two times move the kick from up to down with decompressor lever. Than - start. I repeat 5-6-7 times and after that - engine start. When I drive I have no problems with throttle (low or high speed). Maybe carburetor setup is not good - mixture control screw? Standard is 1,5 turns, when I checked - it was about 3 turns. Or gas level in carburetor too low? Help me please. P.S. Carburetor is Keihin FCR-MX 41. Best regards from Russia!