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  1. Yes, it was the fuel screw. Not sure why I said air screw. I cleaned out the float needle cavity pretty well, but it is possible that I bent the float tang. So maybe the float height is the issue.
  2. Update: The stall only happens at idle speed. So it must be an issue somewhere in the pilot circuit. The bike will only restart with a twist of the throttle which allows the AP to squirt some fuel in. It sounds like the pilot jet is clogged up, but the problem only occurs when the bike is on an angle.
  3. My buddy recently inherited a DRZ400 from his father in law. It has been fitted with a Keihin FCR carb and has always run strong. His father in law quit riding and the bike sat for a year or two with gas in the carb. I cleaned out the jets and replaced the float needle which was basically glued in from the fuel that turned to varnish. After putting everything back together it seemed to run fine in the garage. But now the bike stalls if it's not totally upright. Even the slight angle of being on the kickstand will cause a stall. The only other change I made was to add an adjustable air screw which I set at 2 1/2 turns out. Any ideas what could cause a stall at this slight of an angle?
  4. Have you checked your oil for contamination? The last time my float valve stuck open, all my fuel leaked down into the crank case. When I tried to fire it up, it shot a mixture of oil and gas back into the airbox through the crankcase vent.
  5. MikesDR

    Help with YTZ7S battery

    I've narrowed the problem down to a short somewhere in my starter button wiring harness. I put my old stock battery back in, blew the fuse. Used the kickstart only, blew the fuse. Then I disconnected the starter button wiring clip from the relay and the fuse held up. So hopefully all will be fine after I replace the starter button. *After further investigation of my wiring and taking apart the start button, I think I have determined that the actual starter button harness is not at fault. I had another connector (possibly from the ignition) with wires leading from the starter button harness that had some corrosion. I cleaned it up and so far so good.
  6. MikesDR

    Help with YTZ7S battery

    Thanks Burnrider. I just came in from looking over the bike a little. I couldn't find any shorts or anything that looked like a bad ground. I cleaned up the ground connection at the battery and the subframe just to be safe. I replaced the fuse again and turned it over several times and it hasn't popped yet. I'll check the boot at the starter and clean it up like you mentioned. I didn't think about it shorting out there since the starter grounds itself to the frame. Hopefully I can get this sorted out before Wednesday. I'm taking a 5 day riding/camping trip and would hate to resort to stuffing my pockets with 10Amp fuses. Thanks again for your help! Mike
  7. MikesDR

    Help with YTZ7S battery

    Thanks MWS....I will have to check my grounds. If anyone else has any suggestions, feel free to chime in.
  8. MikesDR

    Help with YTZ7S battery

    Thanks for all the responses. I'll check into my grounds and make sure they are all clean. Do I only need to check between the battery and the starter? I do realize that a new stator is the correct way of curing the problem of my battery dying on tight singletrack, but I was hoping I could get by with a stronger battery for now. I figured it would last a little longer before dying than the stock battery. I plan on upgrading the stator in the future as well.
  9. I need some help with a new battery. I have an 07 450EXC with a cooling fan. The stock YTX5L-BS battery just couldn't keep up on tight trails when the fan is running. I just replaced it with a YTZ7S that everyone else has been recommending. On my first ride, it popped the fuse to my starter after about 5-6 starts. I replaced the fuse and it popped again after about 5 starts. I had thought about replacing the 10amp fuse with a 15amp, but have been advised against doing that. I spoke to a bike mechanic who told me the fuses will keep popping as long as the YTZ7S is in the bike. Is the 130 cca in this battery too much for my bike? It seems that everyone I've seen that has used this battery in their 450exc or 525exc have models prior to 2007. Is there a reason why the YTZ7S would work in older models and not a 2007? I don't see why I'm having this problem when the battery is working fine for others. Is my best option to upgrade my stator and go back to the stock battery?
  10. MikesDR

    Better Battery?

    I just replaced the stock battery in my 07 450EXC with the YTZ7S. On my first ride with it today, my starter quit working. I checked the fuse and it was blown. I replaced the fuse and 30 minutes later, it blew again. Any harm in swapping out a 10amp fuse for a 20amp? Any one else have this problem after upgrading their battery?
  11. LEO's can impound from private property. I have done it several times myself. If I pull someone over for DUI and they pull into a shopping center, the car is still getting impounded. If I see someone driving on the roadway with registration expired more than 6 months, the car is getting impounded. On the other hand, if I'm driving through a shopping center and see a registration overdue 6 months, I won't impound it because it wasn't on the roadway. Trucker Kev was pretty much right on. Non DOT tires is a fix-it. Impounds are for driving unlicensed/suspended, DUI, vehicle used in a crime, registration expired past 6 months, multiple unpaid parking violations. Other tows are for storage/safekeeping when the owner is not able to move the vehicle, such as in an accident or an arrest, or if the owner is unreachable.
  12. Hey Steve, this is Mike. How was Hollister? Wish I could have gone with you guys.
  13. MikesDR

    Trans-America trails

    Yeah, I think it would be a good addition to the EXC. I don't need it too much for my normal trail rides. But on a ride that last for weeks on end, it would be nice to have. If I am ever able to do the TAT, I'll look at getting one.
  14. MikesDR

    Trans-America trails

    This is the item I was speaking of. It doesn't give an extra liter, but it does increase oil capacity by 52% and is an oil cooler. It is a little pricey though at $429. http://www.ht-racing.com/400450525rfs.aspx