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  1. LarsenLP

    $30 GPS mount

    I would definitely look at RAM mounts - http://www.ram-mount.com/. They have a whole bunch of mounts - most likely for your eTrex as well. I have used their handlebar U-bolt mount with great success. Since components are tied together by rubber-balls and connectors, it also gives some damping effect to all of the vibrations.
  2. LarsenLP

    atc 2k cam

    I took an old helmet, cut a few holes and strapped the camera on with velcro. For me it works pretty good. The setup even survived a head-in-dirt crash without breaking anything. The rubber pieces beneath the camera base are fine-tuning of shot angle :-)
  3. LarsenLP

    Race Scoring Software

    Thanks for your inputs. Trackside does all the management, but does not have an interface for counting/scoring the drivers - besides their transponder based solution. Counting/scoring is the task that requires the most work for our races - between 3 and 6 persons fully occupied during raceday. We have been looking at AMB transponders as well, and might use their system in the future, but the cost is around $7000 for basesystem and software, plus transponders at $300 each, plus a PC for running the program. I know motocross is big in the US, but in Denmark it is very hard for small clubs and organizations to spend that kind of money - unfortunately I would not go in to compete with either Trackside or AMB. They have their markets in the middle and high end. I would entirely look for helping the small clubs, race organizers and others, who face the same problems we do, with all the manual work associated with registering, counting, scoring and showing results during racedays. I am not sure whether anybody actually needs this , but in Denmark I know of a few clubs and race organizers, who does, and would be happy to save the manual resources... But, if all clubs around the world, besides Denmark, has fully functional systems, and most of them even transponder-based, it is not worth the effort to translate the program With regards to pricing, I was looking at around $75, which hopefully could make it attractive enough even for the smallest clubs, one-time races and so.
  4. Hi there, I have just finished a small Race Scoring Application, which, hopefully, will help our local club, and associated clubs, by reducing the number of staff required to count and calculate results during racedays, and by delivering results much quicker... Then I started wondering, whether there is a market for a simple and cheap piece of Race Scoring Software "out there"? I am not looking to provide another "fix all problems and even brings you coffee"-application, which I know exists, but a small "tool", which does 80% of what is needed by the small clubs and race-organizers, who can not afford spending $500 on a piece of software. The software currently just handles registration of classes, clubs and drivers, custom points table, a user-defined number of heats, entering of drivers numbers as they pass by in a heat, two or more classes running together, scoring, template-based generation/printing of results/diplomas, saving results as HTML. I have spent time searching on the Internet, where I came across MXWeb.net and MicroInsight, but I am not really sure of what pricing structure they have... So, my questions boils down to these: a) What software are you guys using? How much did it cost you? c) Is there a need/room for a small, simple and easy Race Scoring Application? Best regards, Lars Peter