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  1. simoking

    XL600 Manual

    Anybody have any links or PDF's of a 1986 XL600, I have a NSR250 frame with a XL600 motor in it, would be good to have this, as although I have the motor going, would be good to see whats what before taking the spanners to it - Thanks in advance
  2. simoking

    XR600 in a NSR250 Frame

    Thats an awesome looking bike, very similiar to mine
  3. simoking

    XR600 in a NSR250 Frame

    Will pick up the bike in two weeks, will post some pics then, was talking to a Honda Dealer about the XR600, he said that the new 600's have 50% more HP and much lighter, so there could be trip around the bike dismantlers to find a newer engine if the existing is not up to scratch.
  4. simoking

    XR600 in a NSR250 Frame

    Have picked up this racing bike in this configuration, 1987 NSR250 Frame suspension, wheels, brakes, tank and fairings with a 1987 XR600 motor, has HC piston and some other goodies (cams), anyone else have this setup?