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  1. princess66

    Oil Flywheel & Stator

    Thanks for all the suggestions...................But............... FIXED IT:banana: Going thru all the electrics then went to check if valvegap was closing, found sparkplug wire had pulled out of cap just sitting apart, corroded and was held together with grommet that seals the connection. Screwed it altogether and used some Loctite 403 to glue it. Put everything together, started first kick......................... BTW Cams, chain and gap all in excellent condition.............
  2. princess66

    Oil Flywheel & Stator

    It's a 7/01 model. The bikes not mine, I'm trying to fix it for a friend. He bought it second hand with 38000k's on it.Not sure whats been done to it in the past. I'm now thinking maybe it jumped a tooth on the cam or the inlet valves are stuffed. You wind it over and it kicks every now and then like it wants to start. I'll check for a decent spark then double check the timing. Been awhile since I had a look at a flywheel(my earlier bikes were all dry in there) Disconnected the sidestand and clutch switches(as per guides) checked wiring around the bike, all seems ok fiddled with the engine cutout Seems to have plenty of compression So I'll keep looking BTW the stator was replace only a short time ago...........
  3. princess66

    Oil Flywheel & Stator

    Oh well back to the drawing board. Still have to find out why it won't start..........
  4. princess66

    Oil Flywheel & Stator

    Wouldn't of thought the stator and flywheel would work real well with oil all over them???????????
  5. princess66

    Oil Flywheel & Stator

    Hi All The Z started playing up today, intermittent starting and stopping. Checked all wiring with no problems found. Decided to check stator and oil run out of sidecover everywhere. Checked parts list and noticed it only lists a RH crank seal. My question is , what stops the oil from entering the flywheel and stator area?
  6. princess66

    Australian '06 SM Exhaust options

    Try Here. Similiar to Staintune but a fair bit cheaper apparently..........
  7. princess66

    SV650 vs. DRZ400sm

    Owned both bikes. DRZ4 was good around town,not that good on the open road. My SV good around town,good on open road and handled two-up riding quite well. If you are doing local riding and highway riding I'd pick the SV........BTW fuel injection makes life a bit easier..........
  8. princess66

    Trail tech or SM Speedo Gear drive

    The Lynx (with freight) was approx USD$150 this is including the remote switch assembly..........The remote switch isn't really necessary.......not getting that would save you about USD$20 BTW I don't think I've seen or heard of anyone selling the Lynx in Aus......
  9. princess66

    Trail tech or SM Speedo Gear drive

    Tried both the Trailtechs............The Lynx is far better,larger easier read screen with the better backlite. Also has the optional remote. Got mine direct from Trailtech sent to Aus. Good blokes to deal with too.........
  10. Seemed to have miss placed my install instructions?? What's the recommended setup for an '05 E: Slip On exhaust Snorkel removed Alt 0-3000" Thanks............. BTW search wasn't working????
  11. princess66

    Rack & Bag

    Anyone know where you can get the genuine Suzuki rack from that also ships overseas??
  12. princess66

    Rare pipe pics

    Try Burren_rider for the Staintune pics...I've got one but no pics as yet........
  13. princess66

    Aulstrailia gets the street legal KLX-400R

    Oh BTW just to rub it in a bit more, We can get street legal KTMs,Husabergs,TMs,GASGAS's and Husky's................. ....
  14. princess66

    Throttle Cable re-route??

    No problems with snagging on things when riding??(vines and tree branches)
  15. princess66

    Throttle Cable re-route??

    Just finished fitting my Renthal CR-HI fatbars and found the throttle cables getting tight. My question is, Is it alright to run the cables up the right side of the frame, over the coolant hose and oil hose?? Can anyone see any probs from it??. Tried to tie to the clutch cable but this seems to be bad for bends.........