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  1. Hi There I have a 2004 CRF 450R I just put on a FMF power bomb header pipe with a FMF titanium 4 pipe and now my bike is hard to start cold and hot ,you have to hold the throttle 1/4 turn open to start it and has a rough idle ,so I change the pilot jet from a #42 to a #48 and the main to a #168 from a #165 and im still having the problem .If you hold the hot start in it will not start and if you choke it it will not start If anyone can help because I have a H/S this weekend and need this bike running right Thanks Bobby
  2. yamaha24a

    04 CRF 450 oil problem Need help

    thanks guys i'm tearing it down tomorrow and replacing the seal and will see if that works..there was a little oil left but not much in the tranny and it was not making any noise ,so maybe I got away with it Thanks Bobby
  3. Just bought this 04 CRF 450 and this weekend I was riding and notice that I had oil dripping from my air filter box .so I check it out and found that it was engine oil so I check my sight glass level it was past full,so i opening the cap and found the oil level to be full to the top .then I check tranny side and it was dry ..so when i pulled the tranny drain plug only a little oil came out and some water .what seal keeps the tranny oil out of the motor side ? Has anyone found this to be a problem and why does it happen? How can I fix it? how do I keep it from happing again? Thanks Bobby
  4. how did you get it street legal ? Thanks