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  1. YZ149

    Southwick Pics

    http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z153/barias454/wick73.jpg http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z153/barias454/villofence.jpg http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z153/barias454/villothor.jpg http://i191.photobucket.com/albums/z153/barias454/jlaw-1.jpg
  2. YZ149

    bars and cables

    oh haha sorry, i have an 03 xr50, and i wasnt buying a kit, i was planning on buying a clamp and bars from a buddy
  3. YZ149

    bars and cables

    if i upgrade my bars to a bmx style bar kit, will my stock throttle and brake cables be long enough?
  4. YZ149

    fox float shock

    how does the fox float shock compare to its competitors? better? worse? just as good?
  5. YZ149

    TVLand Pics 6-6-07

    where exactly is tv land?
  6. YZ149

    +1 vs +2

    hmm ill keep that in mind....thanks alot
  7. YZ149

    +1 vs +2

    can you feel a difference between a +1 frame and a+2 frame?
  8. YZ149


    so, i bought my 03 50 in july and ive been messing around on that for a while, but as i get more agressive i find that im very limited by a number of the stock components. Being a college student i am tight on cash, but i can afford to spread out each purchase over time ...ie one part now, one part in a few months etc... what would be the first thing i should upgrade on my mini? thanks
  9. YZ149

    o o backyard fun in cali

    for sure, who doesnt like a nice rack
  10. YZ149


    yea dude, deffinatley post it - first mod will probably end up being frame and swingarm, then 88cc kit and manual clutch
  11. YZ149


    finally picked up a 2003 xr50-- rode it around a couple times, runs great, cant wait to start building on it http://i91.photobucket.com/albums/k308/yz149/Picture009.jpg
  12. YZ149

    mix and match

    awesome, thanks guys
  13. is there any disadvantage to mixing and matching frame components aka mixing a red baron frame, with say, a fiveo swingarm?
  14. YZ149


    thinking of buying the sano cradle frame, anyone hear any pros/cons? thanks
  15. YZ149

    Alessi's Fans...

    how can you guys like a cheater? theres no excuse for what he did. Did he even appologize? i know he didnt even mention it in his RacerX column