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  1. roughtumblekid

    KLR650 newbie

    I am also a big rider 6'3"/250lbs. Is there a spring/shock combo that can be applied if you were willing to spend more money? Would that be better in the long run? Also, what is this I hear about "progressive springs?" How do they effect handling? The only pipe and header combo I have heard about is the Big gun. Supertrapp also makes a pipe that seems to be popular. Certainly is cheaper than the Big Gun. bigfatgreen, why do you think the Laser Pro is the only one worth the money?
  2. roughtumblekid

    KLR650 newbie

    I thought I had it when I tightened down the speedo cable and locktited(<--is that a word? ) it down. But it is back and only between certain rpm. I am learning to keep it out of that rev range but I would love to eliminate it. It is not unbearable, simply annoying. I understand that these things rattle but I can clearly hear this high pitched noise at 70+ through a full face helmet. I will investigate the clutch lever. If I find a fix I will post it. In the mean time it doesn't keep me from riding so I am not too worried about it. This weekend I attack the rattle with all my feeble skills. Ride on . roughtumble
  3. roughtumblekid

    KLR650 newbie

    Thanks for the advice everybody. It was the speedo cable. My new friend locktite and I took care of it. Got the removable type loctite and went over the not critical stuff on the front (fairing, wire shroud, instument panel, mirrors). The various shaking and rattling I can live with, even enjo--but that speedo cable was very high pitched and very annoying and ver easily fixed. I am new to these things so I am sure there is much I have to learn. I have learned that my new girl is a hell of alot of fun. So back out into the wind I go. Got to go earn my coat of dirt, grime, bugs! Yes jared I did suspect the key a couple of times this last weekend. I am strangely glad that was not the problem.
  4. roughtumblekid

    KLR650 newbie

    Hi everbody-- just got my new 2005 KLR 650. 270 miles in 6 days. Lovin' it! Did some riding in the central sierra nevadas over the 4th--beautiful. quick question, there is an annoying metallic rattle, almost a ring coming from around the instrument panel at certain rpm's. I tried to tighten everything up but it is still there. Anyone notice this on their bike? Could it be the speedo cable? Don't want to mess with it too much until I can figure out what to look for. Any help would be appreciated. Great forum!