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  1. Thumpdy

    When To Adjust Valves

    Dang, ten minutes for a valve check! You guys must charge what, $10 to check the valves? We'd be stupid not to bring it into your shop after every ride!
  2. Thumpdy

    Shaving Weight

    The tapeworm is your friend. Eat raw pork!
  3. Thumpdy

    over fill oil?

    Correct. Don't screw it in.
  4. Thumpdy

    over fill oil?

    I don't think you'll frag it. I believe 1.9 US quarts is recommended (as per my US '05 'S model) and that equals 1.8L. If you're worried siphon a bit out and re-check it.
  5. Thumpdy

    Wire Gauge

    Bill, I used a BMW outlet with the spring loaded trap door. I used a spade bit to drill a hole through the left plastic radiator shroud (mark it with it on and take it off for drilling - duh). It fits and looks perfect. I have a 3.9 Clarke and it came out pretty nifty. It's in the hollow of the swell so even though it sticks out when somethings plugged into it I think it would be safe in most crashes. Plus, I mainly use it to charge with and run electric jacket while riding on the streets. When I'm in the dirt, I don't neet to have a heated liner on anyway so having it there works for me. If I needed something fulltime in the dirt, I'd probably add an SAE/trailer type connector and have the end sticking out betwen the seat and tank or to the bars. I went straight to the battery and used a fuse.
  6. Thumpdy

    car oil trans wear pics

    I'd really be surprised by a posit/assertion other than that made by burn. He's a moderator/salesman and TT sells guess what? only motorcycle specific oils and no Mobile One at that. Go figure. Redcap is typically used when referring to that companies synthetic automobile oil. It has been discontinued. Look for unbiased data instead of listening to a salesman.