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  1. Here is something i made up its like a tear off for your radiators made of screen with a strip stickihg up to pull it off. very easy to use it seems but havent tried it yet.
  2. I was in a very muddy race this weekend where there was a bottle neck on a hill and mud was spun all in my radiators, I have seen where people say to put panty hose on them. Just woundering if it will work. And also what kind of foam do you use on the rest of the bike?
  3. i had 3 rides on my exp clutch and the wedges were sticking in the exp part rekluse warranteed it but will it happen again or has anybody else had this problem.
  4. How far can i go on my stcok fuel tank on my 2011 350 sxf? Wanting to run some enduros on it but cant afford the tank yet or if i need it. Seems to do pretty good but not sure how far i can get on a full tank.
  5. Is it me or is the throttle stiffer on the 350 sxf model than a carb jap bike? My right thumb gets so sore after 3 laps on a harescramble track. Is there an adjustment for this?
  6. Im looking at buying a 350 sx is the inlet side of the injector clogging or the fuel spray side?
  7. rroach

    05 rmz 290 kit?

    i have an 05 rmz 250 wich i race harescrambles on and would like to get a athena 290 kit. Is it good for the woods or not?
  8. o5 rmz 250 popping on decel, jetting problem? it has the stock jets in it, any sugestions?
  9. rroach

    valve inspection

    when should i inspect my valve train? how many hours should you run this bike before you do this?
  10. rroach

    rmz 250 hot problems solved

    i raced a hare scramble this weekend and it was hell on earth, the rain was so hard there were water falls on the trails. I got stuck on a hill for about ten min and it never over heated. i,ve been realy busy with my work and don't have the time to tear the bike down to give any specs, i looked in the rad to see if any cavitation is there but the coolant is clear.
  11. rroach

    rmz restrictors

    i'll have some of the restrictors monday, i'll have pics and mabe a place to get them
  12. rroach

    rmz 250 hot problems solved

    i didn't do anything to the water pump, just installed the restrictor and used engine ice.
  13. rroach

    rmz 250 hot problems solved

    yes i can because i have to service the bike tommorow
  14. rroach

    rmz 250 hot problems solved

    the restrictor gose in the inlet pipe to the water pump it is machined so it will only go in so far, the hose fits over the other end tight then put the clamp on. takes about 10 min to instal.
  15. rroach

    '06 Reliability

    i race a rmz 250 with my friend and he has a yzf 250 and it realy hold's up no changes right