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  1. i love meeting white trash on old 70's bike that think they are so bad ass with no pipes on/ they always say that there old pile will smoke anything. i love to prove them wrong and make them realizes they are trash and they suck at ridding. they should not own bikes due to the fact they ruin it for us. parx
  2. HEllo the euro boys have to meet this to race and they have very quiet pipes. Arrow makes one that will meet that and be as good as any US pipe. its called a long canister. i think it sucks but in so cal it will never be a problem. parx
  3. CHris_PArks

    tall seat foam

    tall seat foam is bad, bad bad bad. lower your pegs for the same effect. i tried the tall seat foam and it felt wrong. goot for standing up but i could not turn with it on there. i felt too tall and crashedd everywhere. but tall bars like cr double hights and lower the pegs. i am 6,3 and did this. it feels great. i also put 10mm taller bar risers on. man what a difference. parx
  4. CHris_PArks

    exhaust discs?

    you can ajust the back preasure on the motor. i have noticed with no disk at sea level the bike has more top end. with 12 disk on it cuts top a little but makes much better bottom end power. jetting also helps make that work right. anybody got a comment on that. parx
  5. CHris_PArks

    Would you get a 02 instead of a 01

    good for us tall guys, (6,2) parx
  6. CHris_PArks

    Jetting for White Bros Sillencer

    ow wait, go up 10 on the mian from what taffy has for the wb pipe. sorry. parx
  7. CHris_PArks

    Jetting for White Bros Sillencer

    baaaaaaa, run taffy's jetting with no disks for dez, woods put on all 12. parx
  8. CHris_PArks

    Melted thumper

    i would bet it is not covered. i have my bike ins incase that where to happen or if it got stolen. parx
  9. do i need a spark arester, cause i don't have one no more.
  10. CHris_PArks

    Wild Video!

    i saw the vedio with the cop some where on line and there was more too it. he turn off the high way to another high way and does 180 down that one. i think he may have gotten away. parx
  11. CHris_PArks

    Tire size

    the stock size is 110/100/18. i tried a 120/100 and hated it. the tire wouild not spin some times and it bogged the motor to lower rpm's. i put the 110 back on and loved it.
  12. i would walk into Kuwait and speak my mind. they love Americans. parx
  13. My major is accounting, not spelling. to respond to the statement that islam preaches that is is oke to kill the infidels, i belive that is speaking of killing people who's goals it is to destroy islam and the arab world. Nobody wants that but the poeple seem to think we do and use that as an excuse. Also no one has metioned the governments of these Arabs nations. these leaders are the most horrible people in the world. Sad AR, iraq, iran Siria, all of them have leaders that let extreamist run wild and teach hate about the US. these leader let them run wild for fear of having to deal with them in a civil war. so the more they turn there head the stronger they will become. please feel free to correct me
  14. This new teaching of hating the USa nd jews is a new thing. and i think we have the English to thank for that. my middle east Histroy is rusty but didn't they start the whole middle east take over long ago that really pissed the arabs off. i thought that Palistine was promised to be given back to the arabs by the english but was instaed given to the jews. i may be wrong on this one but i thought i read that some where. i have a class on cross cultral management in a few min and i will ask around and respond. parx
  15. ow and if you are a good parrent, then your kids will follow your advice over anyone else. if you kids rebel and join the taliban because of what they learned in school, then you have failed as a parrent. ow and i go to international college and the arab kids i meet there are loaded. they all say the people who kill in the name of islam are the trailer trash of the middle east. parx