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  1. Yamaha WR400F

    Converting a 2006 Sherco 2.9 into a single track beast

    Good news about the shifter thanks, I bent the crap out of mine a few rides ago, plus the shorter one will make for easier shifting on the trail. Not good news about the reeds, oh well, hope I have better luck!
  2. Yamaha WR400F

    Converting a 2006 Sherco 2.9 into a single track beast

    WOW, what a great story, and information! Thats a awesome looking fuel tank. I have one of those overflow tank kits on my 2 stroke KTM, thats a great idea to put one on the Trials bike, I do have a small seat I ordered from Europe, and a set of bar riders, as soon as I get a new set of grips I'm going to cut a half inch off the bars and install the black throttle tube that has been hanging on the garage wall. Still waiting on the V-Force reeds to show up, and I think I'm going to try higher gearing as suggested. While doing searches for parts, I noticed in 2009 Sherco produced a 2.9 racing version, with many upgrades, including a shorter shifter, does anyone know if the shifter will fit a 2006? http://www.sherco.pl/www/2010/stracing.htm
  3. Yamaha WR400F

    Converting a 2006 Sherco 2.9 into a single track beast

    Here's a link to the video's from the ride. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=925718&highlight=
  4. I haven't been riding trails like that in over a year, since I destroyed my knee. I'm used to being on an Enduro bike, and brake sliding into the corners using the rear wheel to steer, so it was a whole new technique with the Trials bike I think with a little modification a Trials bike would be perfect for those trails, the handlebars are just to wide, and maybe a shorter shifter would help. Tackling the tricky off camber rock faces was definately like cheating! Standing up for over 4 hours took it's toll on my knee, but I think the weight difference, not struggling in sections,and the smooth power more than made up for it.
  5. Rich took us out for a great tour of the trails. We had everything from 2 strokes, Dual sports, to Mike (BoomBoom) and myself on Trials bikes. What a absolute blast! The trials bike was perfect for the pace we were running, and made the rock walls with ease, it was like cheating! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  6. Yamaha WR400F

    Converting a 2006 Sherco 2.9 into a single track beast

    Thanks, hats a idea, here I was trying to make 4th more useable, but by making the gearing higher 3rd would be more useable:thumbsup: I was looking for another gear on Sunday on the bigger stretches of road in between trails, would also help with that. I did order a set of V-Force reeds, I read nothing but good reviews for the power gain they provided.
  7. Yamaha WR400F

    Converting a 2006 Sherco 2.9 into a single track beast

    What kind of aftermarket tank do you have?
  8. Yamaha WR400F

    Converting a 2006 Sherco 2.9 into a single track beast

    Man we had a good ride didn't we! I think you need to get that long ride kit, and then sell me the Beta next year when you buy yet another new bike! , no really I'm serious!
  9. Need some advise I have a 2006 Sherco 2.9 and want to make it more trail friendly, it is the only bike out of my stable that I kept after destroying my knee last year. I do still want to be able to do trials with it also, but I have been doing more trail riding than trials lately. Took it out for a good single track ride on Sunday around 4 hours of amazing trail, and it was so fun on the Trials bike, where others were struggling on Enduro's I cruised right up. A few issues that need to be adressed. 1) The bars are to wide! how much can I cut without making them feel to small? Sorry I didn't measure them this morning, but they are full size. 2) The space in the gearing from 3rd to 4th is HUGE! Present gearing is 9-42, can I change the sprocket setup to help this, or maybe the timing to help pull the gearing? 3) My gas consumption seems to be much worse than it should be, my friends 2002 Sherco uses almost half as much gas as me, I think some of the issue might be becouse I'm in 3rd most of the time, not being able to pull 4th. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. Yamaha WR400F

    Rocky technical trail helmet cam footage.

    It's a hundred times better than the Science Oregon one I had, that camera had a terrible shake to the video. What would you suggest on the audio?
  11. Yamaha WR400F

    Rocky technical trail helmet cam footage.

    Northeast Pa.
  12. Yamaha WR400F

    Rocky technical trail helmet cam footage.

    Thanks:ride: I use the Mottocomm DSR-100 helmet Cam, a good camera for the money. I got mine new on Evilbay for $200.00
  13. We took a road trip last Sunday (5-17-09) to the South of us, very rocky technical challenging trails. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
  14. Yamaha WR400F

    Trials practice video

    Brian Carpenter and myself went exploring a section up by my work, looking for some practice areas. He made a very cool cliff section, after the turn towards the edge of the cliff, there are 3 step up rocks you have to negotiate. Just having fun doing a very slippery/mossy creek crossing, and doing a tight floater turn over pipes that are about 30" high.
  15. Running the Steamer backwards http://newoodsriders.com/videos/dirtrider/3-15-09p1.wmv Part 2 The Blue Tarp Mike catapolts me off the bike with a tree. I almost run Mike over after he crashes! http://newoodsriders.com/videos/dirtrider/3-15-09p2.wmv Part 3 Hole Hill We run into Aaron and Able doing much needed cleanup on the trails http://newoodsriders.com/videos/dirtrider/3-15-09p3.wmv Part 4 Coming out of the Tunell Slime Hill Able goes the wrong way on Slime Hill. I get my butt kicked by a hill, jammed the bars between 3 trees. Buddy does a one hander up a hill! http://newoodsriders.com/videos/dirtrider/3-15-09p4.wmv Part 5 Mark Danger Davis, on his new YZ250, on a really rocky trail! http://newoodsriders.com/videos/dirtrider/3-15-09p5.wmv Part 6 Still me and Mark in the rocks, I'm still running a studded front tire, not real rock friendly! I come close to rear ending Mark, when he stops to look for the trail. My front end breaks Marks fall. http://newoodsriders.com/videos/dirtrider/3-15-09p6.wmv