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  1. ndekens

    XR50R Opinions

    Just make sure it starts runs and idles! If it's old it might have sat for a while and have a nasty carb. Also check the underside of the engine cad for rock and bangs on it. A lot of older kids like to turn them into mini bikes and beat on them. If it really has been just kid used it should last longer then he will need the bike.
  2. ndekens

    Best bike you ever owned, rode or own now ?

    Its a toss between my 2002 kx250 and the 2013 ktm 350exc...........
  3. ndekens

    California starbend

    Anyone know if its still rideable since the new levees were put in? PM's please....
  4. ndekens

    91 Kx 125 IDLES HIGH

    It sounds like a lean condition on startup. Check your jetting and adjust if needed. My kx 250 did that.
  5. ndekens

    Kx 65 crank seal replacement.

    Here is a pic of the spark plug. It was new 3 rides ago. Is it from a bad crank seal and burning oil?
  6. ndekens

    Kx 65 crank seal replacement.

    I will check it. I did notice some water dripping out of it when I was changing the oil last.
  7. Any opinions on my plug condition??
  8. I'm assuming this is the moisture drain hole for the stator side: Also this plug was brand new three rides ago is this from oil seeping into the crankcase via the bearing seal?
  9. ndekens

    Kx 65 crank seal replacement.

    I havnt seen it leaking anywhere else. I keep the bike pretty clean. I am getting water in the trans oil from presumably the water pump. The bike did sit for a while before I got it but it had a rebuild done before It sat. I havnt noticed a change in the coolant level either. I have the water pump seals on order so if it still does it after that I'm going to change it when I do the top end in January.
  10. Yes I know, I'm waiting on gaskets and water pump seals right now. Still have a race to do this Friday. If I have to split them I'm going to wait until the top end is due to replace it. It's running fine just have to keep the trans topped off.
  11. It's confusing because the parts fiche shows it going in from the outside and the manual dosnt say anything about how to install them just says to install them.
  12. ndekens

    Kx 65 crank seal replacement.

    Anyone replaced the right side crank seal on a kx 65 without splitting the cases? I really don't want to have to do that since I have a good crank, bearings and top end in it right now. It's not running bad or smoking excessively either but it is loosing tranny fluid.
  13. My sons 2002 KX 65 is loosing transmission oil and its getting water in it as well. I haven't seen a change in coolant level but I think I need to replace the right side crank seal and the water pump seals. Has anyone done the crank seal job without splitting the cases? I really do not want to have to do that as the topend and crank are good.