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  1. so in a nut shell i should check valves,clean everything ,take out baffles and rejet it.but wat do i rejet it to any ideas on size plus should i take this snorkle thing off to thanks for all the help guys Any of you from lincolnshire 1987 xr250 1994 cbr600
  2. Hi guys new boy here just purchased a 1987 honda XR250r in lovely condition trouble is i know nothing about them this being my first experience of 4 stroke crossers on first impressions seems to run well with a fair bit of low down power but seems to lose power very soon and does not seem to rev very high at all how fast are these things ment to go im a light weight and it will only just touch 120 kph and does not seem to get there very quick.Bought it to have a first time go at enduro now wondering if its up to it. please help any mods checks i can do to check it up to its proper levels thanks guys adam