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  1. well 142.5 is stock for your sm i"ll bet your pipe called for the 140 and you order your pipe for s go bigger mod the box
  2. runs great still like to try some others just to see
  3. (05 sm fnf sm specific kit ) full yosh ,k&n air filter ,3x3 mod 155 mj,stock pj, 3-1/2 turns out,changed needle to 1 that came in kit, 2nd clip position .pulls clean i went down 1 tooth in front so about 91 miles an hour all i get seems like runs great ,good idle ,no bog 900ft above sea level
  4. sm specific fmf kit full yosh,k&n air filter,3x3 mod 155mj,stock,pj,31/2 turns out, 05 drz400sm
  5. clip position should be 2nd down grooves are top
  6. im at 900 yosh,3x3,155mj, stock pj ,2 from top clip position on needle ,k&n air filter 3-1/2 turns out ran great clean pull all the way drop 1 tooth on front sprocket so 91 all i get any how
  7. 6100 otd registered
  8. true that keep revs low thats were the power is,practice popping it up,in high revs not much popping power,oppisite of what you think! shift with shifter only no clutch ,cover rear brake ,clutch with 1 or 2 fingers.practice shifting your wieght. oh yea this is addictive
  9. http://www.greenlightstuff.com/
  10. drop this jerk off, dispute it with your credit card company they will allow it. with 2006 about to hit the floor you dont need to be wheeling out the door will something that is going to depreciate 2 years when you wheel it out the door! also service warranty can be negotiated down I bought mine i just told them i paid 360.00 for for a extended 3years on my 02 hayabusa why the **** would i want to spend more than that on a 400! then remind him you got 1 year to get the warranty extended before it ends at no extra charge at any dealer so maybe we can talk aBOUT THE BIKE I"LL BY MY WARRANTY SOME WHERE CLOSER TO HOME. and act like it just doesnt matter 1 way oth the other. smile thank him for his time and say you appreciate his time your ready to spend 5600 on a new sm 300 or less on a warranty if he can find a way to make that happen give ya a call it has a 1 year warranty any how if you get it out the door tax title reg for 6100 you are getting a fair deal now look up used o4 on the blue book thats what the 04 is once you wheel it out otherwise by a used one here
  11. well what was the price?
  12. they sell a box you put under your bike or a nother discrete place helps the signal pick up that your at it not very exspensive
  13. thank you
  14. what is a hot start? and will afcr 39 from a yz450 work on a drz i see alot of them on ebay but they look different pumpers? throttle position sensers, chokes? im lost
  15. was the fcr worth it is edelbrock better