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  1. A skilled 2 stroke rider shouldn't be at to much of a disadvantage on a 125 than a 250f. The places that I have found the 250f really shine is when traction is minimal and the rear end of a 2 smoke starts to slip and a four strokes smother power will lug its way up.
  2. There are not the same frame the yz250f and yz426f frames have different part numbers. The yz 250f and the wr 250f have different part numbers also.
  3. I think it was a great move to switch to a yz 125
  4. He also has another thread just like this one...
  5. Ktm or Yamaha.
  6. My parent fully supported me. I got a pw 50 on my 4th birthday.
  7. 125 or 250? Either way go for the yz
  8. It says c carmicheal?
  9. Yz 125. I cant compare it to anyother 125 though.
  10. I won't be geting a new bike next year, I got one last year
  11. I have never seized a motor but many of my friends have. Almost every time I have seen someone seize there engine it has been there fault. Many times they had it pinned in a low gear or had improper gas mixture
  12. They said it would be about $650 for revalve, respring and oil on both ends. Is that a fair price compared to other companies?
  13. --------------quote-------- after getting rid of my cr80E, i tried out my old trusty tt-r90 for the first time on the trails, and when i sat on the bike i felt so GODLY! i am able to do sicker powerslides, i can push my limits easier, i can turn around ALOT faster, and go up hills(60 foot wet rocky, 65 degree angle hills) quicker and easier. --------------------- Your faster on an ttr-90 than a cr80 The ttr has way less suspension and power than the 80. When I rode a 80 I found it easier to ride faster than a 90 How tall are you?
  14. I thought that factory connection just works with the existing valves that are already on the bike? Does focatory connection replace the entire valve? I plan on sending in my suspension on monday
  15. Would you guys think factory connection is a good place to send in my suspension to get revalved and resprung I have hear nothing but good things. I am riding an 05 yz125. I weigh 123 pounds and am 5'9". I mostly ride in the desert.(whoops and rocks)