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  1. bleetham

    Piston replacement question

    I ended up pulling the engine from the frame, Piston replacement went well and since I'd never pulled the engine on this bike it was good to get a closer look at everything. In another 80-90 hours I'll do a piston again and try it in the frame next time. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. I'm going to be replacing the piston / rings in my 2007 xcf this week. My question is, do I need to remove the engine or can I do it with the engine still in the frame? I have the ktm service CD and all the pictures show the engine removed. Any suggestions appreciated. My first four stroke top end adventure.
  3. bleetham

    8oz or 10oz Flywheel weight ?

    Installed the 10oz weight on Thursday night. Took 10 minutes. Did my practice laps before the race on Saturday morning and could immediately feel the difference. The bike still feels snappy, but the power rolls on a lot better coming out of the corners. Jumping and everywhere else the bike feels the same, accelerating out of corners is where I could immediately feel the difference. My starts were better too. I actually got a 3rd place start in the first moto, lost a few positions and got back into 4th at the end. I was the only 2t in my gate and actually felt my power was competitive on the straights and everywhere on the track. The great thing about the 2t is you can run any line you want on the track, I was taking inside lines with ease that I would struggle with on the YZ450 that I used to race. So my report is, I like the 10oz weight and can't wait for the next race. Racing a 2t is a blast and a challenge that just makes things more interesting.
  4. bleetham

    8oz or 10oz Flywheel weight ?

    I ended up ordering the 10oz flywheel, it will be here Tuesday. I have a race on Saturday so I'll let you guys know how it goes. I definately need to adjust my riding style for the 2t. This bike is a blast to ride and once I figure out the starts I think it will be competitive with my age/class group. Just for reference, my last two stroke was a 1985 CR500. I took a 15 year break from riding and when I got back into it in 2004 rode only 4 strokes. I'm really looking forward to more 2t racing and the challenge.
  5. bleetham

    8oz or 10oz Flywheel weight ?

    Good advice and information from all. I appreciate it. I did my first race on the cr250 this Saturday and did enjoy it. It handles and jumps great. I did get killed on the starts and also exiting turns I always lost some ground to the 450's. I'm thinking that the additional flywheel weight may give me a little better traction exiting corners. We'll see, I'm ordering one today. I'm going with the 8oz.
  6. I have a 2003 CR250 that I'm using just for motocross. I've done all the normal stuff (air striker carb, VF3 reeds, pro circuit exhaust) to make it work and overall I'm very happy with it. Last thing I might consider is a flywheel weight. My other 2t friends swear by them and say they will improve the powerband, even for the track. I'm a 56 yr old vet racer so smoothing out the powerband might not be a bad idea. 8oz or 10oz, that seems to be the question. What do you guys recommend.
  7. bleetham

    250F E-start

    My 2007 250 XCF is the same as the 2006 SXF with the exception of an 18" rear wheel and the electric start. It's also green sticker which is great for me in California.
  8. bleetham

    Anythoughts on this E-Start issue

    My 250 xcf started fine in neutral and most of the time in gear, then I replaced the stock battery with a Turntech 2.5 and the cranking speed was faster. Now I can start in gear no problem at all. I replaced the battery to save some up high weight and ended up making my bike start better, win / win for me.
  9. bleetham

    Tire question

    +1 on the MX 51. I have only tried the rear, but it's holding up really well and get's very good traction here in N. California. When I was on 450's last year I also ran Bridgestone 403/404's with good results.
  10. bleetham

    what tire lasts longest

    I've run Dunlops (756's), Bridgestones (403/404's), Michelin (S-12's), Maxxis. Maxxis IT was definately the longest lasting of the bunch, but I don't feel like the traction is the best. Just put a Dunlop MX 51 on the back and have four rides on it, still looks like new and the traction has been excellent. I might have just found my favorite rear tire!
  11. bleetham

    Number plate changes

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and the entertainment. I've got a low cost solution in mind now and even though I'm required to run black backgrounds these ideas are going to save me some money!
  12. bleetham

    Number plate changes

    In the last two years I've had to buy new numbers and backgrounds four times. New bike, class changes etc. It costs me about $65.00 each time buying the preprinted numbers from DeCal works. I really like their stuff and it looks great and is durable. Now that I've got to change my numbers again I'm wondering if there is a less expensive way of doing this. Things are tight lately and I want to save some money. Does anyone just paint their own backgrounds and stick on numbers themselves?What is the best way to "do it yourself" and save some money?
  13. bleetham

    Bridgestone 404 in sand?

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I'll definately leave the 404 on for this weekends race.
  14. I'm doing a race on a sand track this weekend. I'm currently running a Bridgestone 404 on the back with only 2 hours on it, it's in good shape. Anyone used one of these in the sand? I'd rather not change out the tire unless a 404 will really suck in the sand.
  15. bleetham

    WTH is MXA's problem with Yamaha Chassis?

    There is a push, but you can compensate for it with adjustments in riding position and by anticipating the push. Properly weighting the outside peg, getting your body up on the gas tank and keeping elbows up (along with proper bike setup and tire selection) really minimizes or eliminates the issue. I've been racing my 2006 for two years and turning is not an issue. The chassis is so outstanding in so many other ways that this slight tendancy to push is not worth making such a big deal about. These bikes are so stable on a rough track, the suspension is fantastic and they jump so well and feel so light that worrying about a problem like MXA does borders on some type of phobia or fixation. I don't know if you guys are noticing, but at the races I go to there are a lot of "bad" handling Yamahas winning the races. Pro and amatuer levels alike.