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  1. offroadergurl

    where can i get stainless valves NOW!!

    Try Ebay too. I've seen Kibblewhite valves on there.
  2. offroadergurl

    QUESTION-About the 4 gal tank from IMS

    Thanks. I think I'll just have to compair it to a different tank to make sure I didn't get a bad tank before I hack away.
  3. offroadergurl

    QUESTION-About the 4 gal tank from IMS

    Has anybody had problems with the seat fitting this tank on the CRF 450X? I am having a problem with the seat base hitting the back of the tank but IMS says they have never had a problem like that reported and all of the molds are the same. To make the tank fit, I would have to notch out the tabs on the base of the seat and I'm trying to avoid that. I have a 250x with the 4 gal tank and no problems fitting that one. I'm hoping this is just a bad tank but I wanted to get some feedback first before I make a decision. Thanks