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  1. I have owned both. Most of the parts are exchangeable. but some of the parts are older XR parts. 77-79 Xl75 are the same less paint. Also, if you are getting rid of your XL parts i need the left plastic cover if you want to part with it. Regards, -Robert
  2. Well thats a big downer. The market is pretty hot for the street legal stuff, you would think they want to grab some more of the market share. -Robert
  3. Sorry if this is a re-post, but does anyone know if the new 250 is going to be available here as Street Legal? Thanks! -Robert
  4. Nice, I wonder what gearing they will run. Anyone know? -ORJ
  5. Went to the International Bike show here in So Cal. yesterday. Talked to the regional Sales Manager and he said there is another Dealer show in June. He is expecting some news. Problem is they keep their dealers in the dark. The DRZ maybe phased out, but I would expect something based off the RMZ. If they want headlines it would HAVE to be D.O.T. Otherwise it will be behind the 450x before it even hits the showroom... my 2cent. -Rob
  6. Hi Folks, I squashed my muffler and need a CHEAP replacement. Anyone have a their stocker laying around the garage they want to part with? -Rob:cool:
  7. Those are my boots...
  8. Pardon the lesson... This can get confusing, especially in So. Cal. Their is BLM land usually Desert/Open areas and their is N.F. (Forest) land run by Rangers who for the most part looking for fire hazards like no spark arresters. Which are mostly attached to a Red sticker bikes nowadays. Stick with the desert... -ORJ
  9. "The 2006 Suzuki Contingency program runs from November 1, 2005 through October 31, 2006." From Anyone able to register online? -ORJ
  10. Is that new Quad "Green Sticker"? If so, I would agree. -ORJ
  11. Now that’s interesting stuff. CA laws are more lax’d than AZ. I am sure it’s just a matter of time. Does anyone know when CA Smog checks will be required? -ORJ
  12. I looked around but could only find some treehugging Psycho-babble about 07 Diesel Truck smog checks. Are they required on 07'? Anyone have some articles to back it up? I am debating on the 06' vs. 07' models... -ORJ
  13. This one? $63.00 on TT, look like a fair price. -ORJ
  14. No, not that chain. I am looking to replace the Drive Chain on my 06'. Any recommendations, manufacturer, O, X,?? Thanks, ORJ
  15. I owned one, welded up a ramp and sides to it. It was nice but for a single bike or quad. I sold it for a larger Carson. For three, not a chance...