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  1. GarryOwen

    Free power mod ring terminals

  2. GarryOwen

    Free power mod ring terminals

    What size of ring terminals is recommended? I'm getting my shopping list in order and realized I'm not sure what size post I should be looking for. I have the options of the following sizes: #6 #8 #10 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" Thanks in advance.
  3. GarryOwen

    Rebuilding stored bike

    Tipsy, thanks for the tips, I appreciate it and will start there. Eddie, I bought it 2 years ago from a private owner, it was running but hard to start. My work started to get busy so I sold it to a friend. He ended up just removing the tank and carb, but got busy at work/life also (same industry). So, recently I bought it back from him to give it a go.
  4. GarryOwen

    Rebuilding stored bike

    I am going to embark on a repair/rebuild of a 2001 DRZ400 kicker that has sat in a garage for about 2 years. There was no prestorage prepwork done on teh bike other than removing the gas tank. What issues should I look for in getting it back to running?
  5. GarryOwen

    "Whats that knob do" Carb Question

    Eddie, I'm not 100% sure, so I think I will bite the bullet and tear the thing open and check everything out. Thank for your help and I hope the snow stops for you guys soon.
  6. I recently bought a kicker drz 440 and I noticed the carb has the usual choke pull knob, but also farther down the carb, there is a blue pull knob. What would that be for? Also any tips for making the starting easier, it usually takes me about 20-30 kicks. Thanks in advance.
  7. GarryOwen

    The danger of black plastics

    No clue on how they took, I assume they just rolled off with it and into the back of a truck.
  8. GarryOwen

    The danger of black plastics

    Well this morning has sucked, my bike was stolen during the night. I've had my DRZ now for over a year, and had slowly been slowly building it up. Apparently what did it in was switching over to black plastics, lol. I have to see what insurance says it was worth and go from there. What really irks me is that I had just installed a rekluse in this last weekend.
  9. GarryOwen

    Muzzy E/S exhaust differences

    Well I figure I may share a lesson I learned today. With the Muzzy full SS exhaust, its not just the midpipe that is different between the S & E models from what I can tell. When I first got my exhaust I was a dumba$$ and ordered the wrong one, getting the E model instead of the S. Well not being the most patient person and since my stock pipewas not working so hot (the endcap fell off), I just put the Muzzy E pipe on and having been using that for the last few months. The only problem was I couldn't bolt up the midpipe to the subframe. I figured that was the only difference between the two models and ordered the S midpipe this last week. Sure enough, the head pipe and I think the canister are different too, with the new S midpipe not being able to get fitted correctly with my E pipe setup. So, I'm thinking gonna return the midpipe and just fab up a new bracket. Lesson Learned: Make sure you order the right model from Muzzy.
  10. GarryOwen

    Different exhaust note

    I'm curious if its my imagination or not, but does the exhaust note change if you switch from a 'S' to an 'E' base gasket?
  11. GarryOwen

    Renazco Racing Seat for myDRZ400e

    Neil, its built off the old pan and to your body build. James will ask you some questions about your build, how you sit, and what your expectations are. I also just got my seat and its amazingly comfortable. He will make it in either vinyl or leather, suede leather or a combination thereof. The turn around is a bit slow, so you may want a spare seat during the time it takes him to make yours.
  12. GarryOwen

    Seat help.

    I put on a custom Renazco seat recently and it feels amazingly great. Also, the suede grips extremely well and feels a bit cooler (temp wise) than vinyl. The only down sides are the price, $325 shipped, and the wait, bout a month and a half. If you want to see pictures, check out my garage. He does offer other colors and two tones, but I'm boring.
  13. GarryOwen

    Vegas people

    Cold Creek is about 20 miles north of vegas. Just take the 95 north towards Reno, and turn left at the prison. If you get to Indian Springs, turn around
  14. GarryOwen

    Clarke tank wire support thingy

    I use it, but thats because I have lazy bike syndrome and figure I need all the support possible.
  15. GarryOwen

    another "big motor" is born.

    At what point do you move from a 39 FCR to a 41 FCR with a big bore like this?