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  1. Jeff Kinney

    Calling all 250 EXC RFS Riders...

    Late last year I upgraded from a 2004 XR250 to a 2004 KTM 250 EXC RFS. Bone stock the KTM easily out handles and out powers the XR. Like you, I found an incredible deal on a brand new leftover. Even after adding the HT-Racing big bore kit it was $2000 less than either the 400 or 450. The HT-Racing kit is now a 355 and allows for an additional bore. Their website is http://www.ht-racing.com. Like Dave Hopkins said, the 250 double overhead cam model will be out later this year as a 2007. While the pictures and specifications make me drool, I can't justify the cost for the type of riding I do. Good luck in your search.
  2. Jeff Kinney

    KTM 520 exc Wont Start!

    Hard starting is usually a symptom of too tight valves. I'd check the valve clearance just to be sure.
  3. Jeff Kinney

    Which KTM for semi newbie?

    An XR400 isn't a bad choice for getting back into the sport - low initial cost, low maintenance and mild trail manners. However, I'm willing to bet in a year's time, if you ride regularly, you'll be trading up to that 450 or 525 - and you won't believe the difference.
  4. Jeff Kinney

    Play riding Helmet cam video

    Very cool video. It's winter here so I appreciate the single track action - even if it is vicariously.
  5. Jeff Kinney

    stunting orlando fla

    Protective gear and closed-courses are not options. Sooner or later you'll film your friend as he's run over by a car or unconscience on the ground and it will end up on a reality show. This does not promote our sport.
  6. Jeff Kinney

    ALL my helmet camera videos hosted

    I betcha @ $10 USD you could sell a bunch of your DVDs.
  7. Jeff Kinney

    So what has TP been up to?

    Glad all of their safety equipment held up through the crash.
  8. 1978 here. Worked at a Honda dealership for the summer and took the test on a borrowed CT110. Didn't hardly seem fair - watching all those KZ900s fail going through the slow speed cone test... Moved to Maine in 1990 and had to take the written motorcycle test without studying - got 15 out of 20 which was just barely passing.
  9. Jeff Kinney

    stripped bolt on oil strainer

    The first time I removed my bolt I had to lay the bike down on its side, heat the cases with a propane torch evenly around the outside of the bolt, chill the bolt with a can of compressed air, use an impact driver with a few good whacks of the hammer, then it came right out. This was on a brand new EXC. Even though the stock bolt was okay and I could have reused it, I already had purchased a Brap bolt. All subsequent oil changes have been really easy in comparison...
  10. Jeff Kinney

    stripped bolt on oil strainer

    Very common problem. Common solutions are: Heat the case and cool the bolt. Remove with 8mm allen head socket. Use a dremel tool to cut a slot in the bolt and remove with a chisel or screwdriver. more information can be found here Once you get it out replace it with a Brap bolt, use anti-seize, and torque to spec (7lbs).
  11. Jeff Kinney

    KTM 250 exc too small???

    The nice thing about the 250 EXC RFS is they're inexpensive - you can find a brandnew one at the dealer for less than $5000. Ride it a while then upgrade it to 351 when your're back in the groove after a 15 year hiatus. However, neither the 250 and 351 will be in their environment at a place like Pismo....
  12. Jeff Kinney

    HELP!!! '04 MXC 450 or 05 CRF 450X?

    A 450 EXC is a natural upgrade from an XR400, but if the only option is the MXC vs CRF I say talk the dealer down $500 on the MXC and go for it - you'll end up with a better bike than the CRF and you can spend the $500 on accessories. Parts/Service is a non issue since your dealer sells both brands.
  13. Jeff Kinney

    520 EXC advice

    The 520 EXC makes a great on/off road bike. The biggest issue is going to be with tires. Tires that last on the road will just spin offroad behind the 520's torque, and tires that will hookup in the dirt will melt on road. While not a beginner's bike, the 520 has a nice flat torque curve that is fairly easy to lug down. Plus you're not going to outgrow its power or suspension like you would the XR.
  14. Jeff Kinney

    oil and oil screens

    Best bet on the side oil screen bolt is a 6-point 13mm socket with a pipe on the end of the rachet for additional torque. For the bottom oil screen bolt I had to tip the bike on its side, take a 8mm allen socket, use my impact driver and beat it silly with a big hammer. I replaced the bottom bolt with a brap, put anti-seize on both bolts, torqued to spec (7lb) and have had no issues with either bolt since.
  15. Jeff Kinney

    Broken Chain Tension Bolt on Swingarm

    This is a common problem caused by water and moisture buildup inside the swingarm. Prevention is to drill a 1/16" hole in the bottom of the swingarm 1/2" in front of the welds. Also, use anti-seize on the threads of the adjusters when you put them in. Oaks' suggestion is worth a try. Good luck with the bolt.