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  1. millzy555

    roadworthy yz250 or yz 125

    coming from aus, i think i can help out. Yes it can be done and if you don't mind the vibrations then go for it. All the yz250wr is, is a yz250 with a silencer and wr wiring loom and necessary lights. here it is:http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/motor/index.htm?prod_detail.asp?MD_ID=66&modelcatid=5 of course yamaha include the compliance plate, as these are superceded models from the previous year:thumbsup:
  2. millzy555

    YZF 426 Hard to shift into first

    Try an oil change
  3. millzy555

    clutch problem

    I wouldn't think so, i just switched the steel plates on my 426 and every wall was smooth so definately something is wrong. Is the bike new?, have you opened it up before?, is there sufficient oil?
  4. millzy555

    Crack in swingarm

    thanks all for the replies. Although it looks bad the crack isn't that deep so maybe i'll just weld it. I think the bolt on the chain slider is loose so maybe that could be the problem
  5. millzy555

    Crack in swingarm

    should i weld it, or just replace with a new swingarm, or let time take its cause and keep an eye on it
  6. millzy555

    Crack in swingarm

    ok hope this works http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h140/millzy555/P4210046.jpg new bike: http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h140/millzy555/P4210044.jpg
  7. millzy555

    Anyone try a Maxxis IT on an 06?

    Just another spanner i the works, i had good results with the metzler mc5, but i don't race. Lasted a long time even on my husky 360
  8. millzy555

    Wanted: cams and/or exhaust

    dude you need wr450 cams for the auto decomp, yz are the same as yours
  9. millzy555

    07 yz450

    Got that right in my 18 years of life i have approximately seen 5 LHD in Melboure/ Australia
  10. millzy555

    Crack in swingarm

    Are you sure?, the mechanic said it shoiuldn't be like that. Anyway bike is at the shop getting a general look over so i can't take any pics, i will post it up tomorrow
  11. millzy555

    Crack in swingarm

    Guys upon buying my bike i noticed a crack in the swingarm, where the weld is. Now it is only a hairline crack but i want to get it fixed. Would it be possible to just weld it back together: MIG/ TIG/ ARC. my dad has all the welders but wondering which one would suffice. Is this going to fix the crack or will it just reappear? thanks jordan
  12. millzy555

    YZ426 query?

    thanks for the replies, i'll cross the 00 off the list. Also from what i've read, are these bikes prone to stalling or is it just working the clutch like any other bike. Can the be lugged up hills? thanks
  13. millzy555

    YZ426 query?

    I'm talking aussie dollars, so it's not all bad news. Anyway i need convincing, as i'm also looking at the 250x, but trying to stay blue
  14. millzy555

    YZ426 query?

    S.S valves VS. titanium, is there that much difference?. Also don't know what condition the other is in, so i'll wait and see. cheers
  15. millzy555

    YZ426 query?

    Well i'v decided on getting a 426 as the kdx 200 just doesn't have enough guts to climb hills and get through the mud. Now i've spotted a few and was deciding on which one to get. 1) 2000 model 426, complete rebuild, new 2,5 gear, white bros full exhaust, oil changed every ride-motul, runs 3 airfilters- skins, mainatined and owned by salesman at a bike shop 2) 2002 426 -http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/search/sd.do?recIndex=10&modelID=2248&makeID=83&page=0&selectedModelIndex=127&y=8&selectedMakeIndex=67&previousResultPerPage=20&currentPage=1&x=41 check link. thanks for your help