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  1. Moto CRF

    Need Cam for Core

    I have a R cam out of my 05 250F. Has been used but is still good. I replaced with a Mega Cycle. Do not have the bearing on the right side because it was used with the new cam... Let me know if you are interested and I will sell it to you for $40.00 plus shipping. contact noah@thehalperins.com
  2. Moto CRF

    rebuild question...another one...

    check out mdkspeed.com They build great motors and can answer any of your questions if you contact them...
  3. Moto CRF

    CRF 250R (2005): Hot Cams

    I'm selling a full Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP exhaust system with two end caps,one which is Pro Circuits Billet cone end cap. System also comes with a quiet insert and spark arrester.... really good condition if you are interested... It's posted in the Honda classifieds on this web site...
  4. Moto CRF

    Looking For A used Exhaust System

    Pro Circuit Ti-4 full system with 2 end caps,spark arrester and quiet insert. Full titanium, light, increased power through out the rpm range. $400 including shipping. It's posted in the Honda classifieds on this web site....
  5. Moto CRF

    Jagg Oil Cooler Kit

    Check out mdkspeed.com They have the sickest oil coolers...Email them and you can get a idea on the temp drops...
  6. Moto CRF

    MDK Red label kit

    I've got the kit on my bike and then some. My whole bike was built by MDK partly because a family member is the engine builder. My bike rips, it's reliable on the track and for trail riding. The bike dyno'd around 40hp 19ft pnds, but the full race bikes run higher numbers. Their web site is mdkspeed.com. MDK dropped Pro Circuit this year as their engine builder and are now building their own race engines. Notice Nick Wey has hole shoted a few races already this supercross season and has been running up front as has David Vulliemen. Something to be said about that. The same folks at MDK that build their motors will be building yours. You'll have no regrets even though my opinions are somewhat bias.... Good luck
  7. Moto CRF

    Crf250r mods

    Check out MDKSPEED.com
  8. Moto CRF

    Mid Pipe???

    I have a full Ti-4 system for sale in the classifieds let me know if it will work for you....
  9. Moto CRF

    what dyno proven combo are working?

    Shop around, contact MDK @ mdkspeed.com. Race motors with a top race team. Proven effective, top quality and they have excellent customer service.
  10. Moto CRF

    clutch plate opinions

    OEM plates definately aftermarket springs. I've run moose springs for around 6-10 dollars a set and am now running Pro Circuit springs for around $60. I think I will stay with the moose springs next time around... Moose springs much better hook up than stock springs and will last a lot longer....
  11. Moto CRF

    Anyone know a good Head Guy in Los Angeles?

    Check www.mdkspeed.com Their shop is out of San Jose but their work is definately first class. Well worth it...
  12. Moto CRF

    Cam power combo

    Check out www.mdkspeed.com They build the race motors for Nick Wey and David Vullemin. My 250F was built by them and it absolutely rips. It's been very dependable also...
  13. Moto CRF

    some questions about engine work?

    Check out www.mdkspeed.com
  14. Moto CRF

    engine ice??

    Here is the idea, With advances in thermal management methods additional ways of enhancing heat transfer now exist. The most popular method is a coating capable of accelerating the transfer of heat at a rate faster than that of bare metal. While it does take advantage of the color black it is something more than simply a "black body" heat emitting coating. The coatings used for heat disepation usually include ingredients that also contribute to increased heat flow. Combining these properties with increased corrosion protection maximizes thermal transfer capabilities. Heat dispersing coatings have been found to be Effective on Brakes, Intake Manifolds, Cylinder Heads, Oil Pans, Radiators, Intercoolers and … more. (not to be confused with thermal barriers) Being able to move and control heat is of tremendous importance. Excessive temperature can lead to metal fatigue, boiling fluids, damaging metal expansion, reduce electrical efficiency and a host of other problems. Traditionally dealing with heat has been handled either by expanding the radiating surface, constructing parts from materials that are more heat conductive and using the color black. If you need more info on the subject search heat dispersing coatings on the internet...
  15. Moto CRF

    exhaust question

    I don't know how they perform but the web site is www.jardineproducts.com If you end up getting the system give us a ride report, I'm interested... Thanks