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  1. I am 6' with long arms and legs with a short torso, and weigh 205. I am looking for a bike that is friendly for a taller rider. I have always been a honda guy but this bike looks like the one. Can anyone chime in? I am looking for a chassis I fit. I can do countless hours of search but can someone with a lanky frame help me out?
  2. elfonzerio

    Test Drive Today...

    Good deal. I just sold my 05 honda 450 for 3200 with some healthy mods, but nothing comparing to the motor work done on that.
  3. elfonzerio

    Tuning questions. Help Please

    That's the info i was looking for. Thank you very much. How much will the stock injector handle until it is at 100% duty cycle?
  4. elfonzerio

    Tuning questions. Help Please

    More air = lower afr. I could swear my 05 had a ti pipe, if it didn't my bad. I'm looking at higher compresion piston and cam. That will need tuning. An O2 sensor WILL do good in many ways. A low AFR will destroy the engine. I ride track and just about only track so if anyone can please tell me stoich and the fundis of the tuning this engine requires. Thanks, Jared
  5. elfonzerio

    Tuning questions. Help Please

    Ok. So I am strongly looking to buy a 2010 honda 450. I am the type to want to get a little more out of the motor and also have complete control. I have a fair knowledge of EFI tuning. I have a supercharged truck that I have aftermarket piggyback fuel controller and what not. I did some looking at the specs of the bike and I could not see if they had an o2 sensor or a wideband already on the pipe. On my truck when I tune I data log I hook up my laptop to my obdII and my wideband and compare my fuel maps with my Air Fuel Ratio and adjust from there. I assume the pipe is titanium and I can tig weld a bung for a wideband sensor. But how can I data log and also have a frame of reference of where my engine rpms are at? Is there a wideband for these bikes that taps into the rpm wire that can log, so after a WOT run i can check my afr's and rpm's and adjust the maps on a laptop and reflash the comp on the bike? And what is stoich on these bikes? I know generally cars are 14.7 and my truck under boost I have it dialed from 13.5 dropping to 11.5 based on the boost. So where do you keep these things under idle and under load? Thanks, Jared
  6. elfonzerio

    Pic: Wow 2010 Crf 450 !!!!!!

    What exactly was updated? I'm on the fence about getting a 2010 but the price is so much better for an 09
  7. elfonzerio

    Broke off cylinder head stud, now what??

    I did this on my old 97' 250. The stud sheared inside of the head, so I could not get a vise on. What I ended up doing was setting a nut over the stud and welding a bead around the inside. I then took a wrench and spun it right out. I use this trick quite often and it always works.
  8. elfonzerio

    I hate my bike

    Are they pregnant too? I went to one in Virginia and my waitress was pregnant with small boobs. It would have been fine any other place, but I just felt weird and uncomfortable.
  9. elfonzerio

    How often do you add coolant?

    You might need more than an overflow tank. If It continues to consume fluid it could possibly be a bad head or base gasket, your pump seal could be shot too. Check your oils and see if they are milky, see if your blowing white smoke.
  10. elfonzerio

    Renthal Stock bars or Pro Tapers???

    Pro-Tapers are tough. I had a nasty crash that mangled my clutch perch, sheered off my bar mounts, and broke my femur. But the bars are OK!!!
  11. elfonzerio

    Deal on CRF

    Wow, you sold a 97 cr for 1900? I'm trying to dump mine for 1200 and no one will buy it.
  12. elfonzerio

    Efi Crf450

    EFI doesn't need a battery, here is a trials bike with a honda efi motor http://www.usmontesa.com/. An Efi system would/could be lighter than a carb due to you can have plastic throttle body. The advantages would by far outweigh the disadvantages of a carb.
  13. elfonzerio

    CRF450... True or false?

    I think it is a heat problem, anyone else think this? I ride my bike 80% track keeping it fast and keeping the air flowing through the rads. Not a budge on valves. The bike gets very hot if it is putted around, I can feel the heat pour off the rads. I don't often hear of people saying "I beat the piss out of it and my valves went bad", all I ever hear is "I change the oil all the time and replace the air filter constantly, never once hit the rev limiter, and my valves went to crap, Honda needs to fix this problem!"
  14. elfonzerio


    Dunlops 952 hold up fairly good. There not so great on flat hardpack turns though.