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  1. Be careful even with a weld shop. I work at a welding company and was having a cylinder off my yz490 repaired. One day it was there, next it was gone.
  2. Curious if anyone out there could pull a couple of measurements off of a 1982 YZ490 pipe. Doesn't matter if it is a stock, DG, Pro Form, etc. Just specify what it is. The main diameter I would like to know is at about half way through the ~90degree bend up top. See drawing below, looking for diameter D. It is crude, but hopefully makes it easier to understand. My goal is to know what the largest cross section diameter is. I scaled some dimensions off of a couple bikes so I have a rough idea.
  3. Those years are the first I have found to be missing from the link I posted. Always nice to have backup parts list websites.
  4. http://www.cmsnl.com/honda-motorcycles_model2/
  5. boticki

    Couple XR400 Parts FS

    Figured I would put this here instead of the classifieds. Prices are shipped to lower 48. PM me with any questions. Can email pictures. Stock carb, jetting 60/160. Clean and ran great. - 80 Stock muffler, 5 - 3/32" holes drilled in A2 tip. Not too loud, can plug holes. - 80 Throttle assy and both cables - 35
  6. boticki

    1982 YZ490 Parts, Interchangeable

    Checked the parts lists on cmsnl.com and they are the same. Good deal. Just need the kick start assembly, gears, shaft etc. Looks like a lot of models had the same assembly. Found one for like $40. Not too shabby.
  7. boticki

    1982 YZ490 Exhaust

    Any idea where to get one? Only ones I have found are out of stock.
  8. boticki

    1982 YZ490 Exhaust

    Anyone know where to get an exhaust for cheap? I want to get the bike running before picking up a more expensive pipe.
  9. boticki

    1982 YZ490 Parts, Interchangeable

    Ha yea it would. Might be heading your way for work in a couple weeks. Not 100% though. Do you know if 1981 YZ250 parts will work with a 1982 YZ490? I took a gamble on the clutch side cover and bought one for an '81 YZ250. I compared photos on the two and they look identical. We will see, as I already bought it. Guy on ebay wanted $150 for an '82 490 cover. I bought mine for $35. One thing is, this was the only 1981 YZ250 clutch cover I saw on ebay. Maybe there is a reason for that?? But either way I think I will be good. Compare: http://www.ebay.com/itm/160846870903?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/251124711979?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  10. boticki

    1982 YZ490 Parts, Interchangeable

    Yea I have been looking for another parts bike. Only thing I found was an '80 or '81 IT465. Guy says it has a YZ490 top end, doesn't run but is complete. Wants $500. But it is a six hour drive one way. Might ask if he can meet half way. Found a complete bottom end on ebay but the guy wants $400 shipped. It would be exactly what I need though. Just too much money.
  11. Just picked up a 1982 YZ490 basically for free. It is missing a few parts however. I am curious what parts are interchangeable on these bikes? What years were mostly the same, and if the 250's shared any engine parts. The big items I need are a complete kick starter assembly and an exhaust. Before I buy any parts though, I plan on splitting the cases to make sure everything at least looks ok. I will get the engine complete and then look for the exhaust. Once it runs I will then look for the small items that are needed. I am also keeping a look out for another basket case that has all the parts I need. After searching on here, I get the impression that these bikes are not the most desirable and thats fine by me. This is just a slow project to keep me from wanting to wrench on my running bikes. Any info is appreciated!
  12. boticki

    XLR250R loss of power, throttle "sweet spot"

    Brake clean is a good tool to check for leaks. Spray it where it might leak and you will know if you have a leak. My intake manifold oring was broken and when I sprayed the brake clean by the manifold it died instantly.
  13. boticki

    where can i find stock exhaust for an 02 400r

    I have one I could get rid of. The tip has 5 - 3/32" holes. It is in decent shape. I would give you a decent price. Pm me if you are interested.
  14. boticki

    1996 XR285L Jetting

    I ran my bike with an oring for a faucet for a few days. Worked until I got the replacement. Probably could have just kept it in there. I saw no difference in material, durameter, didn't melt at all. Just letting you know its an option. Got a few sizes from a hardware store.
  15. boticki

    BSR 42 Carb Tuning

    I received my last order of jets today. I put in a 52.5 pilot, 200 main, clip 2nd from bottom (rich), and screw 2 turns out. bike runs spot on perfect. Plug looks good. Checked it at WOT, 3/4, and idle. Finally, before today I had seen no color on my plug. Will report back on run temps once I get out for a decent ride. Weather here is 87F and it just got done raining so its super humid. One thing is in fifth gear I get a weird surge at 5000RPM only. Go about or below by 200rpm and no surge. The spring on my carb is clipped I think, and I know the slide holes are at 1/8". I would say to try going up in main jetting. Weird that we need such big jets, but it works for me!