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  1. unless i do a tun of four wheelin, i like auto. it is great for pulling huge loads w/ the F250 460. it is great being able to drive around town.
  2. ford dodd

    trailer swaying

    the problem could be that you may have to much weight in the back and that causes the trailer to push your vehicle around. they sell a tortion bar set up that goes on the front around the tung. that could possibly help.
  3. ford dodd

    off road shocks vs. lift

    ranchos are great for 4-wheelin, they aren't the best for only road use. you can get really good shocks that are great on the road and still work in not to serious 4-wheelin.
  4. sick video. some parts look kinda like Ramparts?
  5. ford dodd

    Cool Street Stunt Vid

    always worth watching again
  6. my freinds where coming back from the lake pulling their boat and they came up over a hill on the highway and there was a trafic jam. the driver slamed the brakes and a bus . thier boat had braken the front mount and crushed threw the taigate and was sitting in the truck bed.
  7. ford dodd

    Aluminum trailers...

    just investigate on how well each one is built. for a 16 footer, id look for the strongest one.
  8. ford dodd

    Tie downs

    i live in AZ and the only way to get to good trails in on ruff dirt roads. i don't trust rachet tie downs/never had a problem with regular pull straps. if youre using a rail trailer, just run one around the front tire.
  9. ford dodd

    Very first truck!!

    thats a pretty sick truck !!congrats!! i hate having to depend on my parents to take me riding.
  10. ford dodd

    the top 5 trucks

    it looks like lots of money was dumped into that 2500. that samuri looked pretty clean
  11. ford dodd

    Ford RECALL!

    ya, my freinds F-150 cought fire and burned down his garage. that sucks, i like fords.
  12. ford dodd

    2 Rail Trailer - What to buy?

    i actualy just bought one of those sport utility trailers for my CR 125. i only paid $500 and it is a very well built trailer. i strongly sugest it . well worth the money!!!
  13. ford dodd

    My video...insane things in it!

    nice vid. got some crusty in it
  14. ford dodd

    i need anybody's opinion on my bike!

    I'm 15 years old too and i bought 02 CR125. i can barely touch the ground just like you. i ride trails and it gets ruff in some situations. you should practice with it a little bit before getting too serious. it all depends on how you feel on it.