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  1. Jamesfromwv

    major coolant leak

    My buddys '05 has a serious coolant leak, the oil is milky and the coolant is very low. It was recently rebuilt ( piston kit, valves, etc) and it did not have any problems for the first few hours. The break in oil was changed and coolant checked and both were fine. When performing the second oil change the oil was contaminated with coolant. We replaced the waterpump seals with no improvement. The bike ran very well both before and after the rebuild and is very well taken care of. Where could the coolant be leaking? New gaskets were used throughout the bike and it was assembled properly as far as I know.
  2. Jamesfromwv

    Loud Rattle Noise

    I noticed the same rattling on my '06 the first time I rode it. It was the hotstart lever rattling with engine vibration. You can fabricate a small plastic washer to fit under the lever to lessen the rattling, but most likely you will get used to it and forget about it after a few rides like I did.
  3. Jamesfromwv

    Over-reving and valve problems

    First off, lowering the rev limiter wouldn't allow that size engine to make maximum power. Smaller engines simply have to rev to maximize their potential. As for "over-revving", it absolutely does accelerate valve wear to constantly rev the bike to the limiter. But these bikes are not trailbikes, they are designed for maximum power and strict maintenance. The simple fact is that the more highly tuned and powerful an engine is, the faster it will wear out. 750 hp 360ci V-8 = 500 mile lifespan, 250hp 360ci V-8 = 300,000 mile lifespan. Not always, but as a general rule to increase reliabilty you sacrifice performance. If you want your valves to last longer you can try to shift at peak power and not bounce the limiter, keep your filter clean, and keep them adjusted toward the tighter end of the specification. Or just buy aftermarket/higher quality valves, valve springs, seats, etc.
  4. Jamesfromwv

    Cutting Valve Seat

    My friends '05 recently chewed up an intake valve. The valve sealing surface is cupped and the angles on the valve seat are somewhat mashed. He is replacing all valves with Kibblewhite and the rest of the valve seats are in good condition. He doesn't want to send the head off and there aren't any good engine building shops nearby. I have been researching the procedure for cutting valve seats and I believe it is something I could definitely do. However, I have found very little info on hand powered seat cutters and grinders. Does anyone know where I can find the required tools to do this job?
  5. Jamesfromwv

    Bar mounts for stock clamps

    I'm 6'1" and the stock riding postion on the '06 is a little cramped, do they make bar mounts that will position the bar forward and a little higher? I looked on the kawasaki site but found nothing.
  6. Jamesfromwv

    Pro Circuit Headpipe

    I just got a Pro Circuit Ti-4 slip-on for my '06, which made quite a difference in midrange and top-end power. It feels weaker than my friends stock '05 on the bottom and lower midrange but pulls way harder from midrange on. It now has a very powerful topend that blows away the stock '06. However, I would also like some more grunt lower in the rpm range. Will the accompanying headpipe yield any major gains?
  7. Jamesfromwv

    Question for Seasoned 250F Owners

    Like always when a new bike is introduced, reliability reports are varied to say the least. I know this engine is not all new, and it has every reason to be more reliable than previous versions (04,05) due to the claimed reliability upgrades. But of course the horror stories of trashed valvetrains still frequent this site. So for those of you who have owned 250F's prior to your '06 and know the ins and outs of valve adjustments and replacement, how does the new model stack up to your precvious 250Fs as far as valve life/required reshimmings? Also, how many of you have shifting problems and is there a fix for it?
  8. Jamesfromwv

    Steel or Ti?

    Are the exhaust valves on a KXF steel or Ti? I assumed Ti but the guy in the bike shop says otherwise. Who is right?
  9. Jamesfromwv

    What 250f has th emost power??

    From what I've seen and experienced in magazine tests and real life tests, a dyno is a valuable tuning tool but is no substitute for riding the bike on a moto track. Also, all dynos are different and so are the test conditions, a given bike may register + or - 2 hp on different dynos. If you are looking for peak hp numbers from the 2005 bikes, according to Transworld MX: KTM: 37.1 Yamaha: 34.5 Kawazuki: 34 Honda: 33 Like I said before every dyno and test scenario is different, but TWMX seems to be fairly consistent with their numbers, or at least more so than the other mags. So in my opinion, if you are looking for a 250F to take to the dragstrip, take the KTM. Beyond that, there is much more to a moto bike than just peak hp.
  10. Jamesfromwv

    06 250 sxf Popping? is it lean?

    Sorry, I can't help with the jetting, but I also have a YZ450 and am trying to get a SXF. How does it compare to your 450? Some of the guys on here have experienced popping due to a leaky exhaust header, which can be fixed with silicone. Might wanna try it on yours.
  11. Jamesfromwv

    '06 Reliability

    Where did you see that it will be hand ported? If that's true, this is going to be one bad 250F! The best of both worlds-honda derived chassis and suspension with a more powerful twin cam engine.
  12. Jamesfromwv

    250 SXF Exhaust

    Has anyone tested exhaust systems for the new sxf? I will be getting one shortly and I'd like to know which system adds the most. Also, I've read that the stock system is a pain to remove due to it's one piece design, does that mean that you can't just replace the stock muffler with an aftermarket slip-on? Most of the full systems nowadays are over $600, and that just plain hurts. Thanks for any info
  13. Jamesfromwv

    '05 vs. '06 250SXF

    What is the difference between these two bikes? I know the '05's were part of a limited production run to satisfy AMA rules, but why are some of the 2005 models identical to the 2006 models? The 05 models tested in the magazines all had the traditional KTM components (Silver wheels, forks, white shock spring, etc.) but I found a 2005 model at a dealer that is outfitted the same as the 06's. Also, the MSRP of the '05 is $6398 and the 06 is $6598 according to the dealers I've talked to. So what makes the 06 so much better to warrant the increase? The 2005 I'm considering is, according to the salesman I talked to, outfitted with the black wheels, new graphics, etc., the same as the 06 but for the price of an 05. Is this a good deal or should I be weary of the salesman?