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  1. 07 Drz S with KTM wheels and rotor. 04 KTM 450 SMR
  2. I have a 04 450 smr and would like to swap a 300 exc motor into the chassis. Any idea if the mounts are close? I do not have access to a 300 to measure. The reason for the switch is the 450 motor is broke but the bike is already road legal. Thanks
  3. Air Force, 1984-1988 42755 Air Frame Repair Specialist, 2000-2006 3E871 Explosive Ordnance Disposal.
  4. Stock 07 DRZ400S; 90 mph according to the speedo. GPS shows it to read 3 mph high, so 87 mph.
  5. The wifey has an '05. As you said, these are great bikes. The wife is mad because I keep racking up the miles riding hers to work. No mods yet, but the muffler, jet mod is the first on the list. Do you have any pics of the pannier set up?
  6. 2000 Kawasaki ZX-11 2004 KTM 450 SMR (street legal) 2007 Suzuki DRZ 400 S 2005 Suzuki DR 200 E (wifey's) Roketa 70 cc 1998 Honda Z50 2 Pocket Bikes 50cc's
  7. I can show you what not to do!!
  8. I have the 800 series. I also picked one up for the wife, she just started riding a few months ago. I am in the Forsyth county area near Lake Lanier. Give a shout if you are heading this way, I usually ride all weekend.
  9. I have not used the helmet you referred to but for a great street helmet check out the Nitro Racing brand. (www.nitro-helmets.com) I overlooked the brand at first because the price seemed too low, $150.00 for a street helmet. After more research though, I found it meets Europes Gold standards which exceed the Snell and DOT requirements. This is the most comfortable, quietest helmet I have owned in 25 years of riding. The Shoei and Arai are relegated to the attic since this purchase. They make off road helmets also. I am not a salesman, just thought I would throw another option out there. Cheers, Steve