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  1. LRXR650L

    R vs L

    I had an "R" and sold it. Great bike but it didn't fit my riding profile. I have an '04 650 L and love it. I have heavily modified it for enduro and AMA Dual Sport rides held all over the country. My buddy and I rode 109 miles today in the National Forest on single track, fire roads, logging trails, county roads and state highways. Dual sport requires street legal and 96 db or less sound signature. The steet legal lets you connect to some great riding trails if you need to. Arkansas has some of the greatest riding in the USA. In 20 - 30 minutes I can ride to the trail heads and take off. I suggest you really examine your riding profile and buy the unit that comes closest to your "real" needs. Since I don't really race the "L" is better for me than the "R".
  2. Thanks Burned!!! I will check out the Dyno Jet Kit tomorrow. LRXR650L
  3. LRXR650L

    Steering Dampner on 650L?

    On my '04 650L I have the Scotts unit. The bolt-on kit works very well with only a slight up bend on the cross bar. Lets you keep your original speedo and light indicators. Adds speed and safety to your riding skills. I also have the ICO computer & Moose Roll Chart holder on the cross bar. I have the Lowrance H2O GPS mounted on the right mirror mount similar to the BMW set-up. Works great. Good Luck. LRXR650L
  4. On the '04 Honda XR 650L, I want to remove the "snorkle" from the air box. Little Rock, AR elevations from 400' MSL to 1,000' MSL. Temps range from 40 degrees F to 98 degrees F. Humidity averages about 50%. Mostly ride mountain trails and dual sport events as well as work the enduros our club, Arkansas Dirt Riders, organize throughout the year. Recommendations please for jetting after removing the "snorkle". Also plan to ride in Denver during the summer next year. Recommendation for that altitude as well. Thanks. LRXR650L