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    I trail ride on the east and west slopes of the Sierras.
  1. California

    I was there last Wednesday. It was in decent condition. Dust was minimal. The little weather we got yesterday was no big deal. Should be good, a little muddy and cool.
  2. I just bought a 08 EXC 450 myself. I had the gears changed to 14:50, skid plate, handgaurds, shark fin, and that's it. I rode it and it flies. Do you really need to rejet? I also heard about sawing something in the tail pipe. Know anything about that? Here's a photo of my bike. My old bike is an 05 DRZS, with all kinds of mods. The new one is way lighter and jumpy.
  3. Actually, I'm not sure what the problem is. I started my bike and the header pipe was glowing hot, like a super nova. I just cleaned my K&N air filter, so I thought, maybe it's the oil from the air filter. Then, I remembered I dumped it last ride and squashed my exhaust can some. Could it be lack of airflow through the exhaust? Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. what exactly does a stabilizer do? i have never had a bike with one. looks complicated with all of the knobs and stuff.
  5. There is something near grass valley that is super fun to ride. Tight single track with real loose dirt. It's dusty as hell right now, but soft and super fun. I'm looking to ride Sunday, but my ******* friends are lazy, busy, blah, blah. If anyone wants to ride Sunday, give me a shout. The weather should be really nice.
  6. I don't know about the other stuff, but I've had 2 set-ups. First, I got an FMF powerbomb header with a Leo Vince slip on. Hated it! It never fit right, the Leo Vince literally fell apart. POS! So, I bought a full system steal Yoshimura. What a beauty. What a joy. It feels and sounds awesome. Fits like a glove. I've heard it before, and now I know the Yoshi is the way to go. It has a deep sound that I really like. Good luck.
  7. I got the Acerbis in black and they look and work killer.
  8. Yeah, I used the hardware they sent with the pipe. Was there more than one spacer in the package? I'll probably get another spacer, loosen it all up, and see what I can do. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I put on a Leo Vince slip on with an FMF powerbomb header, and now the muffler is way closer to the frame than the stock pipe. My rear tire hits the damn pipe on compression. What should I do?
  10. I changed the header pipe on my S. There was no gasket. However, one of the bolts was actually a stud in the head. I was concerned whether the stud would easily come out to replace with the bolt provided by the header manufacturer. The stud was too short. To my surprise, it came right out with vice grips. But, if it gets stuck, you could be screwed. But, if your bike is new, it should come out no problem.
  11. Whoa. Where did you get those blinkers? And where is your license mounted? That looks real good.
  12. Hey, I wanna go too. Y'all don't know me, but I live in Auburn and just bought a 400S about 2 months ago. I've been out to GT twice, but didn't get far. I used to ride as a kid, but haven't ridden for 20 years. I'm 34. I would love to ride, but also know I'll be slow. I have a yellow bike with red helmet. 8 at Mace Mills?
  13. I love my 400S. It is a little heavy, and I only have about 650 miles on it, but I love riding it and can't wait to put a new pipe on. I really can't ride it enough. I've had it about 1 + 1/2 months. I only wish I knew more people to ride with.
  14. Hey Burned, I just bought a 2005 DRZ400S. I cut a 3X3 hole in the airbox, bought a power bomb header, and Leo Vince pipe. I need to re-jet, I assume. I ride between 1,200 and 4,500 feet, in about 80 to 95 degrees. Can you point me in the right direction. The search on this sight is not easy. Thanks, Hank Auburn, CA
  15. I just read about the guy wiping out on the road in the rain. I still have my d wings, but I primarily ride on the road to get to the trails. I was thinking of getting some knobbies. But, now I realize that might not be such a good idea. Any suggestions on which tire might be the best compromise, with trail riding in mind?