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    Green or Red Sticker ??

    I bought the bike and I went to the DMV to register it under my name. I did indeed get a green sticker. Thanks everyone for your help!
  2. I’m in California and I plan to buy a 2002 YZ250F from a friend. He currently has a red sticker. When I register it under my name will I get a green or red sticker? I went to the DMV website and it said that if it is a 2002 or older then I should get a green sticker, but it also said that if the 8th digit in the VIN number is a “3” or a “C” it gets a red sticker. The bike has a “C” in the 8th digit. Will I still get a Green sticker because it’s a 2002 or will the DMV still keep it as a red sticker because of the “C” in the VIN number? Thanks for any info. you may have!