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  1. sa dirt biker

    Leatt Brace is NO GOOD!!!!

    I think you are all missing the bigger picture here. One of the top riders (and from what i have seen of his interviews from the most recent Dakar) an all round nice guy has sustained a serious injury. Why are you trying to make this about a product ? whats wrong with you people? My thoughts are with Esedre (spelling) and wish him a speedy and full recovery.
  2. sa dirt biker

    Leatt Brace Pulled Our Account?!

    Here's an idea.... why doesnt the good Doc and his shareholders just give them away, go broke and close down? thats whay the inventors of the Haans device did. Didnt they? Well its the same principle, a device which could potentially save a life! And as an aside, as a matter of interest what does a Haans device cost? Lets be realistic, its a business. They need to make a living like the rest of us (as well as having to answer to shareholder now). I dont think many people know the costs that were incurred during the many years (and i know they were many years as i was one of the fortunate few who took part in the initial testing of the prototype braces two years ago and i am amazed to see the quality and obvious improvements of the new model braces, i still ride with one of the original products) along with all the safety testing at various facilities. Then to try launch a prodcut like this internationally from a country like South Africa. We are at a geographic disadvantage, our currency is not very strong and we have HUGE labour issues....... The US is a democracy isnt it? well then make use of your rights and choose to either buy one or not..... just stop all the whining!
  3. Sorry to jump in so late in the discussion. I live and ride in Sunny south Africa. we have all sorts of riding terrain from thick dune sand to horrendous rocks (if you have ]seen the Erzberg enduro then you know what our roof of Africa enduro is like) through to woods/forests. I came of a 250 two stroke to my 2005 KTM 450. My initial impression was that it lacked low down "snap", i have sorted this out with a Pro circuit pipe. Now i think it is probably the most versatile enduro/trail riding bike i have ridden. And i have ridden most, the husky, Yamaha WR, Honda CRFX and even the Gas GAs, nothing compares. KTM 450 all the way.
  4. sa dirt biker

    Looooong RMZ rides... makin it tuff!

    thanks, i would appreciate it if you could keep me informed.... still tying to make up my mind so any feed back would be appreciated.
  5. sa dirt biker

    Looooong RMZ rides... makin it tuff!

    sorry, no answers to your questions but perhaps you can help me. i am thinking of a RMZ 45 as a new bike. my problem is that it is not designed as an enduro bike. How have you found it to handle off road/enduro riding? Any major problems or suggestions on suspension set up? i weigh in at around 120 kilograms with kit on. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. sa dirt biker

    RM 250 to RMZ 450???

    I am looking to upgrade (??) from an RM 250 to a RMZ 450 for 2006. With the 4 speed box is the RMZ suited to an offroad application? are there products out there and setting which would make this a competitive off road machine or should i rather look at one of the more established off road bikes. Anyone who is riding on of these beats off road got any feed back????