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  1. RawCore

    DR650SE rear suspension leaking oil

    RawCore <----- Fried his clutch in Dove Springs trying to climb a hill with STREET TIRES on his brand new DR650SE..... Learnin' stuff the hard way SU**S!! I replaced the clutch, but man was it an expense I did not expect to have to incurr, hehe!!
  2. Hi all. I just wanted to mention that if you do change your tires from street to dirt, (Knobby), you might want to look into the DUNLOP brand name for them. I got 2 brand new DUNLOP 606's for my DR650SE and I couldn't be happier!! I made SURE to get the D.O.T. Approved street legal knobbies as well so I can go street or dirt instantly without having to worry about gettin' busted while goin' down the street a couple miles from the dirt-roaded campsite to get some gas, food, etc, hehe!! Just thought I'd mention it.
  3. RawCore

    Dr650se On Mx Track

    Hi everyone!! I just joined this site and did a search for "DR650SE", (Which I own one of. A '02 model that is one HELLUVA' Thumper, indeed!!), and I just want to say that I think this site is *FANTASTIC*!! I mean, this post right here, for example. I had the exact same question regarding my DR650SE that KROWE had and got the answer right away from the replies to it. *BIG* THANK YOU's to EVERYONE for posting and replying to this question!! I think I'm going to REALLY like it here at ThumperTalk.com!!