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    Some Newbie Observations

    2004 XR 400R, last bike was 82 XL250R I had 20 years ago. Rewound the stator successfully and now have plenty of juice. Added Mikuni carb from XR's before I ever started the bike the first time, ran a little rich. When it gets warmed up and your blasting along it will start to stumble like its fuel starved but the plug and pipe smell like gas. Decided that dispite being in the desert and concerned about sand in the airbox I would pull the snorkle. Holy Cow!!! Probably a good thing I rode around a little and reaquired some skills before uncorking as I think I would have scared myself silly. The difference was incredible. The only challenge I am having now is that that either the bumps are getting harder with age or my suspension needs some attention. Back in the 80's I don't remember being beat up so bad by the terrain. The forks seems "hard" but according to what I have read I need stiffer springs for my weight. Maybe revalving? I ordered TT's video on setting up suspension. Regards from the Sahara, Tom
  2. As you probably already know the stator on the XR's is weak at best and without a rewind job your likely never going to get what your looking for in terms of light output. There is a reason we all rewind our stators, at night its hard to hold a candle and ride an XR at the same time....:-) As for your resistance test, if your reading .8 or .9 ohms then your resistance is ok, 1 ohm is the target. There are many threads on here that discuss improving your XR's lighting, do a search for "Stator" and you will find plenty of info. Good Luck, Tom 04 XR400
  3. pittst73

    Engine break-in ??

    Motoman has it figured out. In a previous life I was an Aircraft Mechanic, (lots of 4-stroke aircooled engines). When we had a fresh engine in a plane we would do a quick run up to do a leak check and then TOW the plane to the end of the runway and take off (full power applied). This way we avoided what Motoman is talking about by not idling the engine for 10 minutes while taxiing down the runway. We also used "Break in" oil, usually a single grade oil for the first couple hours of flight, then changed it to regular multigrade. Since airplane engines run much hotter then any other engine the cylinders honed (rings broke in, whatever you want to call it.)much faster. Oil consumption was determined in the first 10-15 minutes of the engines life. Anyway I stick my toe in the TT water for the first time and hope I don't end up in one of those "Which Oil is Better?" wars..... Regards... Tom
  4. pittst73

    Tire question - XR400

    Its funny I was going to post almost the same thing. I just bought a 2004 XR400 (last bike was a 82 XL250R). I am being sent to Mauratiania for two years (think sand) and since there isn't much to do I decided to get back into dirt bikes. Anyway all I remember from my former dirt bike days was that Dirt Bike Mag always loved the 3-Ply Metzler but after 20 years who knows whats cool now. Well I ended up buying a Dunlop D739 Offroad Desert and a Metzler MC4 Soft Terrain TT from www.tiresunlimited.com. Both are 110/100-18 and I am hoping one of the two will keep me from sinking into the sand.