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  1. And I was thinking why in the world would someone use wd-40, a water displacer. It's already been said, in the water craft world spraypaint works wonders. I would like to see wd-40, and hairspray stand up to that. Anyway, you guys should all use whatever you want, but ill continue to use spraypaint sence it drys fully and is not water soluble once dry. You guys that use safety wire on your grips, know exactly what its like to use spraypaint, except without the wires. Grips wear out before they move. Oh, and to the guys who use compressed air. What for? Just push them on with your hands, takes less time then attaching the air chuck. What do you use to keep them from rotating after that?
  2. ctrl

    Putting New Grips On

    I dont see why so many people use hairspray. If for some reason its humid, or you get the grip wet (drop bike in mud, washing it, hole in the grip end...) the hairspray soften's, and the grips tend to slip. I use spray paint. Works the same, but unaffected by water.
  3. I have a general question: How do these floors stand up to fluid spills such as gasoline/turpentine, or whatever other harsh chemicals that could possibly get on the surface?
  4. Heh, All the honda springs Ive seen, and owned arent the same as yours. They are tapered at the bottom to fit inbetween the brake arm, and alot wider at the top then the ones in your pictures. Fyi, Your brake adjuster is upside down. Would probably help if you flipped it over.
  5. Fyi, Neither of those are the STOCK honda spring, and both look smaller. You dont see 30 year old honda 50s with worn out brake return springs. My suggestion would be to get a stock honda spring, it would appear to be better then both of those small ones. Check the brake arm, make sure it moves freely without the brake hooked up. If it doesnt, take the pads out and lube the pivot points inside of the drum and make sure the return arm, is moving freely and not to tight up against the hub.. Mine will return without a spring.
  6. crf50 - $1000 108cc stroker kit. - $500 Half the power, half the tire size, half sized bike. - Total: $1500 Passing five thousand dollar 250s, with a pitbike. - Priceless. Ride whatever you want. It's all about having fun.
  7. ctrl

    cylinder head/carb?best bang for the buck.

    Awesome.. Cant wait to see the data..
  8. ctrl

    cylinder head/carb?best bang for the buck.

    http://www.dratv.com/necoto.html -- this has 23mm intake, 20mm exhaust. Very similar to the Trail Bikes unit. Half the price. Dont forget you'll want to grab a domed piston while your at it, to keep your compression up. Grab that from Tb, or dratv: http://www.dratv.com/pikitg5152tt.html http://www.hondatrailbikes.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=52_53&products_id=781 You'll also want to pickup a CAM for the race head from TB Then I would pick up a 20-24mm carb from TB. Nothing is different except the piston and head, You're running a flat top piston for the stock head.
  9. The 88 kit without the carb/cam is a small bump in power in comparision to the kit with the carb/cam. Get the kit with the carb/cam/intake. You gotta remove the head to do the kit anyway, the cam just slips right out. It's worth the extra money.
  10. ctrl

    Info on Pit Bikes

    Thats the thing, it depends on what he wants to use it for. the 2 stroke is a race bike, pin it to win it. Then park it and work on it. the 110 is a play bike, ride around all day, beating it up. Then repeat the next day. The 4 stroke has the low rpm torque to just play around on. No need to keep it up high in the rpms to have fun. I heard the small 2 strokes could potenally go through topends faster, depending on the weight of the person riding it. I would go 110, if he's not racing.
  11. ctrl

    Crank case vent tube

    It's cheap insurance. Why risk it?
  12. The crankcase vent has a positive and negitive vent charge. The piston moves up, and the vent has vaccum, piston comes down and the vent has pressure. The gas tank vents, have a 1 way check valve, so gas doesnt spill. Use a small foam or k&n type filter. Just dont block the vent.
  13. ctrl

    Has anybody in Arizona

    I have had the problem for months now too.. I tried to contact cox about it, and they knew nothing. Also tried emailing a contact from that site yesterday, awaiting a response now. By the way, I'm on the westside, in peoria. Sucks.
  14. No helmet laws here in AZ. Alot of people do walk around with a gun. The freeways get moving pretty good too. Going from what the laws say about detroit michigan, Although it is legal, it's pretty un-common to see a weapon in public-- In phoenix you almost can't go anywhere without seeing one or two. Seems as if phoenix arizona, is 10x safer then the equivalent detroit michigan. Wonder why? We choose to live this way--This is the wild west still--The base that this country was developed upon remains largely intact around here. Carry on...