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  1. wisenhimer301

    CRF230 no go?

    If your mind is made up.....then I'm wasting my time. But.....if I were you, I'd mod the 230. You need to be able to touch the ground. Period. People on this forum may criticize me for saying this, but the ability to place foot on dirt can save you from injury or bike damage. The 230 is a play bike, but there are mods out the ass! Suspension is one of many. I'm 6 foot tall 180 lbs. I trail ride with my son and wife. He has a CRF80, and she has a 350 utility quad. Sometimes I'll run ahead and climb a hill or hit a jump....not one you would see on a freestyle show, but one your average Joe may shy away from. My problems with the "stock" 230 are a WAY too lean air/fuel mix that was fixed in an hour with a jet kit, gearing that is too low.....again another easy fix in about 45 min. Total cost.......around $75 parts, labor was my own. I may mod the suspension later if I bottom out and/or feel it's necessary, but for now....it's fine. If the gearing and engine performance is fine for you......mod the suspension and ride the hell out of it!
  2. wisenhimer301

    Seize your bike? Let's hear from the experts

    Just my humble opinion , you say one is bored to a 170 and has a 230 carb? Even if the carb has stock jets, there is still a 60cc difference! My thoughts are, you can't eat faster than you shit . Even if you've modded the exhaust, it's gut ain't big enough! Advice is great....but if you like to learn by trial and error, then I'd run the bike with the 230 carb for a while. I MEAN RUN IT! After a couple of weeks or maybe a month, check the spark plug. More than likely it will tell the tale! !!
  3. wisenhimer301

    230 Keihin carb question....

    Thanx man.....you just saved a dumbass $90 I looked at my carb after I wrote the post, and had my doubts when I saw what looked like the cover with 2 screws (the Boyesen cover has 3). Anyway........again, thanx for the help!
  4. wisenhimer301

    230 Keihin carb question....

    This may sound dumb.......but I saw an ad in one of my bike mags for a Boyesen accelerator pump cover. They ain't cheap......so before getting out the Visa card, I decided to research a little. Their web site says it fits all Keihin FCR carbs. so, here's my question........ kinda Keihin carb is on a 230? Any help would be GREAT......seeing as I'm an old auto mechanic, this bike stuff is somewhat different. Oh.....and bu the way, does a 230 have another oil filter other than the strainer screen?
  5. wisenhimer301

    CRF230 Burning Oil

    I'm not sure if there is a sleeve on a newer dirt bike that can be bored. I read an article in a mag (Dirtbike or Motorcross Action) that said cylinders now days are coated with some kinda shit that's so thin, boring is not an option. I own a 230, but I'm not sure what the internals are like. If I were you, I'd find out as much as I could about the 230 engine's guts as possible. If you're handy with a wrench, you can save a buck or two. Anyway you look at it though, it's gonna cost you a noticeable amount of time.....or money. IF......and I stress.....IF....you CAN hone it, then please let me know! Bottom line........I don't envy you........in the slightest of ways!
  6. wisenhimer301

    CRF230 Burning Oil

    Check your air box. There may be oil build up inside. If there is clean it out, service the air filter, and empty the drain tube on the bottom of the air box (open it by pinching it). If you have any questions, E-mail me....I'll be glad to help!
  7. wisenhimer301

    2005 CRF80 Questions

    You maybe should have got him a CRF70F. My son was 12 when I bought his 80. It's his first bike and the clutch was a pain in the ass.....but the height wasn't an issue. I have worked with him alot and he does great with the clutch and gears now but if he would have had to deal with a bike that was too tall for him, he may have given up. Man I know they grow FAST , and all too often I myself am guilty of going over my kids head thinking they'll grow into it, or they can handle it. Then I find myself sitting back saying........
  8. wisenhimer301

    Removing Baffle - create problems?

    Hey AtlantaRider......you sound just like me. I also bought myself a 230 and my son an 80. We now spend more time together and have ALOT of GREAT times. To answer your question.....I have pulled the baffle out of my 230 and have had no problems. The bike is set up to run lean so, don't fool with the airbox until you re jet the carb! If you do, you're asking for trouble. I've done some research on both bikes. Drop a message in my inbox if you would like some help.
  9. wisenhimer301

    230 Db level after removing baffle?

    I have no idea as I don't have a Db meter, but, make no mistake.......it is louder. It's not intolerable or unruly.......but it is louder. Personally......I think it sounds GREAT!!!
  10. wisenhimer301

    CRF150 super mods and tuning tips

    Well???? It's been over 7 months........I think the guy is full of SHIT! Not cool.........If you have nothing to say......Then shut the hell up!
  11. wisenhimer301

    Cheap 230 mods

    Listen to BOB333.......that's my route!
  12. wisenhimer301

    "Rev Limiter" fact or fiction?

    Well.....don't that shed a new light?
  13. wisenhimer301

    CRF230 rev limiter

    If you know what you're doing......it can be done. It may cost you an arm and a leg.......maybe even a nut........but it's possible.
  14. wisenhimer301

    CRF 230 to a CR 125

    If it's going to be rode on trails mainly.....4 stroke. most likely 250X as it has a light for nitetime!
  15. wisenhimer301

    "Rev Limiter" fact or fiction?

    I'm just starting my 230's mods. From what I've read so far, a rev box doesn't sound so great without alot of engine mods. So......unless you just think a 230 is the shiznit, and you have alot of xtra cash, OR YOU ARE LIKE ME and you want to see what a 230 is capable of.......then go buy a 250! When I get all I can from the little stuff, then I plan to go big. Not because I think the 230 is the greatest bike ever.........I just REALLY like it!