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  1. IvanCRF

    HOW-TO; Linkage Bearing Removal and Replacement.

    Edit: For the part you describe, the manual shows them using a press in a similar fashion to the original post from Dust Devil.
  2. IvanCRF

    new cam

    I've never messed with the decompressor, but am trying to help with the procedure the service manual calls for: It says: "Always inspect and adjust the decompressor clearance after adjusting the right exhaust valve clearance. Make sure the engine is at TDC on the compression stroke...This position can be obtained by confirming that there is slack in the rocker arms. If there is no slack, rotate the crankshaft clockwise one full turn and align the punch mark on the primary drive gear with the index mark on the right crankcase cover again. Check that the index line on the cam sprocket aligns with the "triangle symbol" mark on the camshaft holder... Measure the decompressor arm clearance by inserting a feeler gauge between the decompressor lifter arm adjusting screw and right side rocker arm.. Decompressor clearance: right side exhaust valve clearance + .35mm (.014in) Example: If measured right exhaust valve clearance is .28mm(.011in);decompressor clearance is .28mm(0.011in) + .35mm (.014in) =.63mm(.025in) ...If decompressor clearance needs adjustment..Loosen the lock nut and turn the adjusting screw until there is a slight drag on the feeler gauge. Hold the adjusting screw and tighten the lock nut to 10Nm or 7lbft. Recheck the decomressor clearance." I hope this helps...
  3. IvanCRF

    Need Help, another 2005 CRF with transmission problems.

    I remember "Aussie CRFX Rider" repaired his transmission many years ago. I would try to send him a PM to gather first-hand information. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/462374-broken-3rd5th-gear-found-in-my-gear-box/ As for the pistons, I would go OEM if I needed one. My X has always burned a little bit of oil since it was brand new. I just check the oil before every ride.
  4. IvanCRF

    FNG - 2005 CRF450x

    Looks good man. Time to sift through the threads. Be sure to run a full quart of oil in the transmission so you don't destroy the transmission on the long, flat stretches and be very careful with the kickstarter by being mindful of it kicking back and breaking the case. Other than that, this bike is a tank.
  5. IvanCRF

    2006 CRF 450X

  6. IvanCRF

    Weather is colder and bike very difficult to start

    I'm happy to hear it started. Krannie is the man and I agree about the pilot jet being clogged and using as much fresh gas as possible. If I can't go riding, I try to start my bike about once a week in the garage to keep the battery charged. The middle RPM band seems to charge up the battery just fine. If I start it up in the garage for that purpose, I let the bike warm up first and then I go very slowly through most of the RPM range with the throttle and I watch my RPM with the Trailtech Vapor to see where the carb gets hung up on and then repeat the process until the throttle is very smooth.
  7. IvanCRF

    Weather is colder and bike very difficult to start

    Is your bike re-jetted or is it completely stock? Mine is re-jetted and my cold start-up procedure is to crank the throttle about eight times and then after that, I pull the choke open and lastly crank the e-start for no more than a second. If it doesn't start, I repeat the same process, but with less throttle cranking until the bike starts. Once the bike starts, I let the bike warm up until it begins to rev up on its own and then I turn the choke off. This is a cold blooded bike and the stock jetting doesn't help.
  8. IvanCRF

    Leaky counter shaft seal

    I used a paint can opener with really good results and have one handy for a future occurrence.
  9. IvanCRF

    Trail Tech Vapor Water Sensor "Plastic" cracked

    My plastic water temp sensor developed a leak right at the brass fitting many years ago. I called up Trailtech and they sent me a new plastic water temp sensor free of charge under warranty. It has since held for years. They were real cool to deal with. It's good to know there's an aluminum design, but I suggest waiting for next week to call them and they'll get you squared away.Happy Thanksgiving.
  10. IvanCRF

    Found another one...

    Wow. It looks mint! Good to have you back.
  11. IvanCRF

    Battery v Capacitor

    Just go with the tried and true, Shorai.
  12. IvanCRF

    It's official: BNG for 2016..........

    Me too . It looks like I will be saving money this year!
  13. IvanCRF

    Power check, 4th 5th gear

    Sounds good man. You must remember you aren't a small dude.
  14. IvanCRF

    Power check, 4th 5th gear

    Sounds normal. Perhaps you need a 2002 450R cam.
  15. IvanCRF

    05 450X Runs HOT!

    Hopefully this helps: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/615197-fcr-carb-floating-valve-plate-rr/ I would later bump up the main jet to a 165 size after you address the bigger problem.