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  1. Randall Everett Scrubing at Budds over Henry Hill.
  2. Cr85rider919

    Broken Bones!!!

    My worst was a blowout fracture of the orbit (eye socket). Got a face full of handlebars and it was a muddy day so all my tear offs were gone and I was riding with no goggles. And I went over and broke it. Was in the ospital for 3 weeks because I had bleeding on my brain when i broke it. I have also broken my right femur twice and my left tib/fib once. And I have broken both wrists comign up short on a double. And lastly I have broken my right colar bone.
  3. Cr85rider919

    Hate to see this...

    Ive been in chopper twice for injuries pretty sweettttttt.
  4. Cr85rider919

    First day riding the new trails!

    Lol Ktm stands for keep the motor lol cause the rest of them break up...remember a few years back when the frams broke in half. That was so wicked stuff.
  5. Cr85rider919

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I know who she is in real life. See her at the track back when i raced. They say she came up short at BD but not sure
  6. Cr85rider919

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    got off the webpage she is holding on that sign above her head
  7. Cr85rider919

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Nice Dave, I wish I had Evennous bike and I got a question about him since you work for motoXXX. Do you know if they have made a clutch that nick wont burn out in 10 minutes? I remember seeing him at this track in Easton, Md. He had 2 Yamahas with him (when he rode those) and in 30 mins both clutchs were gone......So he packed up in left. He rides wicked fast though.
  8. Cr85rider919

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    Dave, Isnt that Nick Evennou's bike? It looks identical.
  9. Cr85rider919

    Blue Diamond

    I been to bd I can do all jumps on expert track it is awesome but too easy. I like the table table tabel they got up at top on expert
  10. Cr85rider919

    Ricky and Kevin on minibikes ?

    I see names of Robbie or Ronnie Reynard?, Tedd or Todd Gardiner?, billy Schlag, Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmicheal, Joel Albrecth, Ezra Lusk, Bob bean?, Jay Mann or Marr?,
  11. Cr85rider919

    If You Cant Jump. Why Would You?

    That dirt must taste good all them people eating it must have a distinct flavor.
  12. Cr85rider919

    Recent pics of my bike taken today...

    I think you should Keep The Motor (ktm) and put it on a Kawasucki frame then it would be nice. Nice bike man.
  13. Cr85rider919

    jumping pics

    Hey Kylew89 I am from Maryland and I used to ride over there at Easton. Do you ride Mama? And I could do every jump on intermediate and most on the expert except that huge triple. Im done riding now tho caus ei broke my legs over there. And Sweet pics guys.