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  1. I was having this hot stall issue, with the stock screw, the Scotts screw, and all 3 of the needles I have tried.
  2. Cool. I'll give a 38 jet a shot. Much appreciated!
  3. Thanks, William. They guy at the shop, where I bought the bike from, thought that I was crazy getting something as small as the 40. Think there's any merit to that?
  4. Eddie, Thanks for your help on this. I went ahead a tried a few different things, suggested by a few different people, and here are my results: Setup 1. [JD Jet Kit] Red needle with clip 5th from top. #180 Main Jet. #42 Pilot Jet, & JD Leak Jet installed. This gave me the best feeling in terms of performance, but the hot stall issue was same as stock. Setup 2. [JD Jet Kit] Red needle with clip 4th from top. #180 Main Jet. #42 Pilot Jet, & JD Leak Jet installed. Suggested to me by my local shop. Performance felt flat in the midrange. Bike still hot-stalling, but less. Turning fuel screw completely closed made engine stutter, but not completley stall. Setup 3. [JD Jet Kit] Black needle with clip 4th from top. #180 Main Jet. #42 Pilot Jet, & JD Leak Jet installed. Suggested by JD. Bike still hot stalling, but less then stock. Power improved a little bit across midrange Setup 4. [JD Jet Kit] Black needle with clip 4th from top. #180 Main Jet. #40 Pilot Jet, & JD Leak Jet installed. Suggested by you. Hot stalling still ocurrning, but even less. Turning fuel screw completely closed still does not shut off engine... When on the gas, she is running great still, but stalling at idle is a minor nuisance, but I fear something else is up. I'm also still curious that even with a 40 pilot jet and the needle down to the 4th clip, I still cannot get the engine to stall when the fuel screw is completley closed. Got any ideas? Thanks Again.
  5. I went ahead and swapped in a Scotts fuel screw when I did the JD Kit, since I figured I'd be doing a lot of fuel screw turning while trying to get this right. Thanks for the info Eddie. What size pilot jet do you think I should jump down to?
  6. Issue: After Bike is warmed up, engine stalls while idling. I just recently installed the JD Jet kit in an attempt to solve this problem, but after i installed the kit, the same problem occurs. I did notice a nice performance gain though, after I installed the kit... Bike: '07 Husqvarna TE-510 (currently in 'tard trim) Location: San Diego County, CA . Elev. Range: 300-3000 feet. Temp: 60-80 F. Jetting: [JD Jet Kit] Red needle with clip 5th from top. #180 Main Jet. #42 Pilot Jet, & JD Leak Jet installed. Additional Notes: When the bike is cold, it idles fine. Also, I see no change in the idle when I have the fuel screw closed, or when i have it 2.5 turns out. It still stalls when I let off the gas. I can keep it from stalling by turning up the idle speed screw till it is idling at 3000-3500rpm. As long I am on the gas, the bike runs great! Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! -Funkadelic.
  7. Funkadelic

    Ajusting Stock Handle Bars

    Great, Thanks for the input guys. I'm gonna give this a try this weekend and see how it works out on a long run. I can actually stand up now and still have good position for reaching the levers, and distribute my weight over the bike evenly.
  8. I am 6'5", and the stock bar placement just isn't working for me. I plan on getting an adjustable upper triple clamp & some CR Hi-bend bars, but that will have to wait untill I can get the funds. For the time-being I have loosened the bar clamps and rotated the stock bars so the main tube is almost completely vertical. I tightened 'em back up and they feel awesome! I can now stand on my bike without feeling like I am gonna fall over the front. My question now is.. is this a bad idea? Does there need to be a certain slope-angle of the bars? It looks pretty extreme. Maybe I'll take a picture tonight and post it. I am a rookie rider, and the new positioning makes a huge difference for me. Oh, I ride an '04 450. Thanks!
  9. Funkadelic

    A couple A3 pics

    What camera and lens were you using? Where were you sitting? Great pics.
  10. Funkadelic

    something i can be proud of

    Definately one of the best looking YZs I've seen.
  11. great vid dude. what program do you use to inbed the video in the flash file?
  12. Funkadelic

    pics from Glamis, CA.

    oooh... you seem bitter. Did some of the duners pick on you last time you were out there?
  13. Funkadelic

    Small Group Looking for More RIDERS!

    This is cool. Great Idea. What's the collective skill level of the guys riding? My biggest challenge when finding guys to ride with is not being the guy that slows everyone down...
  14. Funkadelic

    DVD advice for XMAS gifts.....

    +1 for "In the ranks" and also check out "Throttle." The bad music is minimal, there's no nudity, and there aren't any suburban kids from the Inland Empire, all tatted up trying to act like gangsters. I'd steer clear of the Crusty videos while the kid is still impressionable.
  15. Funkadelic

    Creatine...any good?

    I (and the rest of my football team) was supplied creatine by our strength coach. I used it for one entire off-season. It definatly helped me work out for longer times at higher strenght levels. It also dehydrated me a bunch. Some side effects i noticed were increased acne, bad breath, and the runs (maybe all related to me being dehydrated). Since my entire team was taking it at one point I also got to see the effects of creatine on some of the guys that did not train hard (strength & cardio). They mostly just got fat from it. It was given to us for us to "bulk up". I'm not sure that's a desirable thing in motorcyling of any kind... I'd talk to a doctor or a nutrionist at the least before starting it.