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  1. "Coffey has it right! My '06 TE 610 has "EPA approved 80 DBA "stamped on the muffler but blew a 94 dBA when subjected to the "ranger test". I believe the original article was refering to street bikes as you can't go "off road" in a national park." You are right 80DBA is the federal standard for road. This is measured driving by a sound meter at 30 feet middle RPM. So, every legal / unmodified bike made since, i think 1983, would pass this test. Off road bikes have a limit of 82 dBA under the same type of test. Check your pipe it is stamped on it. It sounds like they want the federal law to be enforced in federal national parks. Strange...
  2. mnthope

    '05 vs. '06 250SXF

    Will the 2006 250 exc have the twin cam engine?
  3. mnthope

    My New Toy...husky 610/05 Sm From Italy!!!

    How long do you think you could comfortably ride it? Did yours come with the panniers that were called out on the husky.it web site? How do you think it will do on dirt roads? Thanks in advance