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  1. what song was that?????!?!?!?
  2. that was good and so ture..... it brings a tear to see all that wasted youth
  3. that is AWSOME lol way to capture the essence of the EMO
  4. thats at washougal over chuck-son
  5. this guy just turned 16 years old
  6. yha....wren is very impressive to watch ride, but even more so is he a cool guy to know...i have the pleasure of knowing wren and a good friend and to watch him in person is even better then looking at his pictures....I think if he keeps his head straight and is smart about it that we soon will be seeing him on the 125 or 250 pro gate soon..... (you know i know you can do it wren) sean westbrook
  7. I have to admite that mike has alot to learn about respect and disapline when it comes to racing but you have to under stand how much pressure he probably is under... there is a HUGE difference between AMAT PRO and NAT PRO
  8. Its True Alessi Is No Longer A Ktm Member
  9. well we will see in the NEXT TRANSWORLD MAG it says hes "comming clean"!!!!!!
  10. i heard that MR. mike alessi got FIRED from team KTM for his SHITTY way of racing... now i heard this from a very credibal source, but im wondering if anyone else heard the same thing that i did if so can you put a link on here to show me
  11. im going to laugh at everyone that thinks this is FAKE and he does it in competition!!!! if you havent noticed there is a thread out tthere in pictures and videos that hes actually doing it into his fome pit
  12. ever heard of ryan villipoto.... this kid on his 80 could beat greg alberten on his 250
  13. MAN i can hardly believe it RC is the BEST MOTOCROSS RIDER IN THE WORLD but hey he earned it....and i can tell you right now that you wont find a croud in america that is as enthusiastic as those ppl where WOW makes me want to move there and ride that would get my fired up hella
  14. hey every one!!!!!1!! when you read this SPREAD THE WORD the more ppl there the better it looks for the track get every one you can NOW THERE IS A CHANGE BOTH DAYS ARE RACING NOT PRACTICE DAY
  15. i work for the guy thats opening it