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  1. 03xr50

    2015 Yz250f connecting rod failure

    Unfortunately connecting rod failures are more common than one would expect. We have had two break so far on the same bike. First one at 28 hours and the second less than 10 hours after the rebuild. Luckily my son kept the bike upright, his friend wasn't so lucky when his broke and he took a hard hit. Talk to Yamaha or have your dealer talk with them. Be firm, they do want to admit to anything for liability concerns but this is a huge issue and sadly a dangerous one. Yamaha has been very good so far helping out with the repair costs but it is a shame it is happening in the first place. When these bikes are running they're great but the are very expensive bikes to keep running. Good luck
  2. 03xr50

    2015 yz250f engine failure

    We had one of the bikes that had a destroyed motor due to a broken rod. Here is an update. The dealer contacted Yamaha and after lengthy discussions Yamaha, as an act of goodwill, will cover all of the repair costs. The bike is several months old (Yamaha has a 30 warranty which covers race bikes) and has just under 30 hours on it. As for the broken rod all I know is that it broke up towards the top, piston end, and then proceeded to take out the whole motor. I haven't seen the parts so exactly where and how the rod broke in unknown. I do thank Yamaha and Thousand Oaks Powersports for taking care of this. And I thought ice hockey and club soccer were expensive!
  3. 03xr50

    2015 yz250f engine failure

    Have you heard back form Yamaha? We just had the exact same thing happen on a '15 YZ2050F. Two laps into my son's fourth moto at LACR the motor all of the sudden locked up, fortunately it was on a straight and not coming down the hill. Once the dealer got into the motor it was discovered the connecting rod was broken and the motor trashed, estimated repair cost is over $2800 and that is with his discount. There are less than 30 hours on the bike. The daeler is going to contact Yamaha, we have not heard back yet. I'm just wondering how many others have experienced this issue.
  4. 03xr50

    Who has the best prices for OEM KTM parts?

    ktmpartshouse.com definitely has the best prices on OEM parts but it can take a while, up to 2 weeks before you receive them. They don't carry a lot of inventory so they have to order the parts from KTM and then ship to you. rockymountainatv.com also has decent prices but their advantage is that you can actually see whether the part you want is in stock or not. If it is in stock you'll have it in 2 days otherwise they too have to order from KTM.
  5. 03xr50

    2013 SXF 250-False neutral?

    My son's 13 250SXF - less than 10hrs. has been in the shop for 3 weeks now, transmission was toast, don't know the cause, KTM is involved in the repair but what will be covered if anything at all is unknown at this time.. I would call KTM Australia and talk to their techs. Let them know that you are aware of known tranny problems with the 2013 model. There are various rumors of bushing and shift fork problems that can create a false neutral or prevent shifts all together. The exact cause of the problem is not clear but it also rumored, talk at the track, that this problem is part of the reason they went to the 5 speed tranny for 2014. KTM will probably want to have your bike inspected by a dealer to see if your problem is manufacturer or operator related and depending on that outcome KTM may or may not help cover some of the repair cost. Having transmission problems in forth of fifth gear can be scary so get ahold of them as soon as you can. Good luck.
  6. I just posted this in the classifieds but I thought I would throw it on here since this where the guys that really know their 2 strokes hang. We just spent several months building this bike for my son to race in the 250 class but we ended up getting a deal on a new 250F we couldn't pass up. So now instead of having this one sit in the garage we thought we would see if there is any interest in someone wanting a to provide a new home.. It's a beautiful bike. Thanks, Pete Asking $2499 or OBO This is a fresh, complete bike, bottom to top, rebuild that has taken place over the last 6 months. There is less than 2 hours on the bike since the build was completed The 144 motor rebuild (bored, ported, polished, Hot Rods crank, all new bearings. head shaping), was all professionally done by Brent at TDC 2Stroke Performance. This is not a bolt on 144 kit. Factory Connection completely rebuilt the forks and shock. Currently setup for a Novice 110lbs MX rider. I do have the stock springs. Factory Connection provides free revalve for life, you just pay for fluids and worn parts if needed. Wheel, swing arm, linkage bearings were replaced. PC pipe and 304 Shorty silencer. PC triple clamps. PC swingarm linkage (provides better balance of the suspension) Sunline unbreakable levers New Acerbis plastics New rotors, pads, and brake lines New cables. The list goes on and also have plenty of extras (various jets, new spockets, air filters, etc.) and the old parts (plastics, exhuast, etc.). More photos can be found here: http://s92.photobucket.com/user/psoland/library/KX125#
  7. 03xr50

    2013 SXF 250-False neutral?

    BDS, I know this thread is close to a month old but what was the final outcome of getting this issue fixed? Did you talk to KTM directly? Did KTM admit this is a known issue? Did KTM offer some type of improved fix? Sorry about all of the questions but we just experienced the same problem on my son's new '13 250SXF - only 10 total hours on the bike, the bike is dropping into a false neutral between 4th and 5th gears. A bit scary out on the track at speed. it is parked now. I'm trying to figure out if improvements were made and are available. I really don't want to end up going through this every 10 to 15 hours. The safety aspect of this is the real concern. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Oz, The only real difference between the '13s and '14s is that KTM went to a 5 speed transmission on the 14. The motors are identical and a huge improvment over the 2012's If you can find a '13, I recommend getting it. KTM has a $1000 rebate on the 13's so you can get a smokin' deal. The dealer may not tell you about the rebate, more cash in his pocket, so make sure you let him know you are aware of it. Good luck
  9. 03xr50

    anyone for a 125 to 144 swap?

    gscx, Have you gotten this figured out yet? We just had my son's 05 KX125 bumped up to 144. Brent at TDC did the whole package and yes it takes a bit of time to get it running right. We still haven't gotten it perfectly dialed in but we're getting close. We just need some track time, running up and down the street doesn't quite cut it. It is quite different than the 125 and remember the bigger bore is sucking in more fuel so you usually jet down. Your jetting sounds extremely rich, we are running the following but our head is shaped for 50/50, 91 pump to 110 race fuel. Main: 410 Pilot: 35 Neddle: -82 stock Clip: 2 position Google 'Spankey's Jetting Guide'. It is an extremely helpful guide when trying to figure out jetting and carb adjustments. Oh, once you do get it running keep an eye on the temperature, the 144's run real hot, You may need to get oversized radiators to keep it a bit cooler. Good luck
  10. 03xr50

    What's up with my 300 piston?

    From the looks of the piston you actually may be running too hot or lean. When the carbon covers the entire top of the piston it is too hot, you should have a clear ring around the circumference. Take a look at the following link where it he has a pretty good explanation of reading piston wash. It may help. If the link does not work just search 'reading piston wash' http://forums.pstuning.com/index.php?showtopic=1559
  11. Give Brent a call at : TDC2strokeperformance 200 ENGLISH OAK LN POPLAR GROVE, IL 61065 815-261-6907 He does excellent work. I had him port and mod the head on my son's 125sx MX. He'll port and mod the head to your needs. Just let him know what type of riding you do and the type of fuel you burn, pump, race fuel, or blend of the two.
  12. 03xr50

    2013 150sx Top End Smoked

    Woods chips? Sounds like Elsinore It looks like a possible coolant leak. Take a look at the O-ring in the photo showing the scratched side of the cylinder (7th from top) vs. the photo showing the other side (8th from top). The O-ring appears to be burnt. There is also a burn mark on the head in this location (9th from top). This can be caused when the portion of the head, the area where the burn mark is, that goes into the cylinder, and sits just inside of the green O-ring, does not seat properly. There should be metal to metal contact between the head and cylinder. The O-ring provides the seal for the coolant but combustion seal is controlled by the head to cylinder interface. Is the perimeter of the cylinder pitted? Very possible and not uncommon to have a manufacturing defect where there the gap between the head and cylinder is excessive allowing fuel to enter. Leads to denotation and burns the O-ring. Once the O-ring is burn coolant enters the combustion chamber. Just went through this with my son's 125SX. The head and cylinder will need to be machined as a matched set. Might as well get it ported while you're at it. The guy that did ours does really good work. let me know if you want contact him. Hopefully this helps. Pete
  13. 03xr50

    Advice on 03 to 06 KX125's

    Thanks for the advice Guys. I'll stay away from the 03's. Unfortunately we may end up on a blue bike. Thanks again, Pete
  14. Well my son has outgrown his 85 and soon will be off of the supermini so we have begun the search for a 125. He just does not have the upper body mass for a 250 quite yet. 14 and still under 100lbs. Since this is a transition year we are looking at used bikes and staying with the KX vs the YZ just because.. I was hoping to get an 06 but there are very few out there but I have found several 03's. So I'm looking for a little advice. What changes were made between to the KX125's between 03 and 06? Any overall suggestions? Thanks, Pete
  15. 03xr50

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    KX 85 Mammoth MX He wasn't out front or even close to it but he did have fun!