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  1. xxlive2ridexx

    Good bye four strokes !

    Yea they gave me my helmet back. << I've been riding on the main road just out side my house, I've been busted on my honda alot aswell. On my R1 I've gotten 2 warnings and 1 speeding ticket. It kinda goes back to the "we can ride here, we won't get caught!".
  2. xxlive2ridexx

    Good bye four strokes !

    Yea this one isnt jetted right. And it came right from them. Whats up with that? I took it for a ride today and the DNR pulled me over They took my helmet and made me walk it home. One more and I loose the bike. Oh well.
  3. xxlive2ridexx

    Minnesota Trails?

    Does Appelton have a web site? Also about how far is that from Stillwater?
  4. xxlive2ridexx

    big Video

    I've found this video on the net, I warn you though It is a 9 min movie. It took me about 10 mins to download on cable internet. http://www.linienmc.dk/video/crash-mc/2004-11-21/christianpfeiffer-bechyne2003-short.wmv Enjoy!
  5. xxlive2ridexx

    Good bye four strokes !

    Some of these really have some get up and go but when your only 3 inches above pavement, going over 30mph is just crazy.....
  6. xxlive2ridexx

    Good bye four strokes !

    My neighbor brought one over Pretty fun to tool around on, but the front fork wobbles alot. We got it to about 20 with me on top (about 125 lbs). Just dont try wheelies on these, they flip!
  7. xxlive2ridexx

    Minnesota Trails?

    Hi, I am currently looking for a place in Minnesota where I can do some trail riding. Does anybody know where I could find such a place?