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  1. NBXAS

    1 of 4 New Pitster Pro models.....the X3R

    yeah, what he said.
  2. NBXAS

    Cmrc, Cmx, Ocmc, Ldr

    CMX is definitely laid back. They are adding a few more tracks (well at least according to Tom), and they are all within a reasonable drive from T.O. The guys we know in the 30+ class are all in it for the fun and enjoy the racing, generally they combine a class with the 30s to fill it up, fast guys go to the front and the fun guys battle it out. They have been improving every year with the series and they do have a couple of the best tracks/facilities in the biz. (e.g. Moto Park).
  3. NBXAS

    Pit Bikes in CANADA?

    Check your pm.
  4. NBXAS

    staggs racing super pro.

    Nice....what frame are you using?
  5. I heard the new big wheel Pitster will be released at Indy. Bike sounds awesome, I'd be inclined to wait for that launch before I make a decision.
  6. NBXAS

    I ordered a pitbike today!!!

    Keep us posted - you'll enjoy this bike. We had a spare moment this afternoon at the shop, so we fired up the 450ES with plow, went around the track a few times to knock off a few inches of snow, then fired up the Pitster and AHP Stage 3 with RCM chassis and suspension and went racing...it was a blast although a little sketchy at times. We'll have to post some pics when I get the camera back.
  7. NBXAS

    2005 RC125sx

    06 has same motor, same rear shock. Quite a few cosmetic changes, new forks and subframe. But if you can get a good deal on an 05 I'd consider it, you could always upgrade with Staggs forks and components for example and come out ahead for less investment...especially since you're in Canada!
  8. NBXAS

    looking for CRF450 thoughts

    well we're in Innisfil...just sent you an email, bike is in showroom.
  9. NBXAS

    looking for CRF450 thoughts

    Keep in mind the CRF is a beast in the woods, so riding on tight Ontario trails can be a challenge. I have an 05 CRF450 f/s as well, loaded with factory connection work and off-set triple clamps which really help in the tight turns. On the track nothing can touch it and if you like to ride lazy like me you can leave it in 3rd all day long.
  10. NBXAS

    Any Canadians here?

    Thanks for the props guys...any questions throwing the bike together Yamadirt 426 let us know - enjoy!
  11. NBXAS

    anybody has an xtreme crIII in canada?

    Transport Canada puts many restrictions on importing dirt bikes, if extreme is not approved you run the risk of buying a bike that does not clear customs. With the flood of Asian ATVs, pocket bikes etc, they are getting real tight on what comes in. The Pitsters are already in Canada with a dealer network, parts etc. so you might want to save yourself some headaches.
  12. NBXAS

    SDG speed mini compared to

    The Pitster is about $2k less than an SDG here in Canada, better bike and save your self some $ to modify later (or buy 2 for the price of one!). Check pm.
  13. NBXAS

    What Pipe?

    Anyone try a TBR pipe on the Pitster? Will it fit?