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  1. Troutman

    2014 yz450f Anyone got one yet?

    My local shop has a white and a blue one. Bike looks awesome, much more compact than the 10 - 13 and the shrouds are quite a bit slimmer, I would say as slim or slimmer than other bikes. The gas cap cover is very cool and solid with the seat cover texture on the top. Surprised by the seat height, it's a tall bike but the egros feel great which is perfect for my 6' - 4" height. The clutch had a very smooth light pull to it which felt great and the rubber mount bar clamps seem very cool too. Just might have to buy one ........
  2. Troutman

    2014 yz450f first ride by mxa!

    Agreed, IMHO the YZF's are hands down the most dependable MX bikes on the market by far. I hate to admit it but i still don't know how to perform a valve adjustment because i have never had the need to do one over the past decade riding blue. With my top 3 priorities being, 1) Reliability 2) Suspension 3) Handling The YZF's have been a great fit for me over the years and it would be a very very tough decision to make the jump to a different brand.
  3. Troutman

    2014 yz450f first ride by mxa!

    Yeah I hear you, I am really thinking about getting it as well as I have ridden an 02, 06, and currently a 10 YZ450F for the past 11 years without any mechanical issues, which amazes me. I still think its early and will wait until the shoot-outs and feedback of TT members who get one for the good info. I hope it's a good bike because I love the reliability, centralization of mass, and suspension of the YZ's but a KX, RM, or KTM may be in my future if it has serious handling issues. But the reviewers sounded very positive overall and no bike is perfect so time will tell.
  4. Troutman

    2014 yz450f first ride by mxa!

    A little more in-depth review http://v.vitalmx.com/9165/first-ride-2014-yamaha-yz450f--vid-9165--uid-1067--standard.mp4 Sounds like a good bike...
  5. Troutman

    2014 YZ 450 shown Tuesday 6/11/13!

    Wow, something else that really stood out to me is the size, its a much smaller bike, almost an inch lower seat. It also has 2 inches less ground clearance than the 2010 - 13 models........very interesting..........
  6. Troutman

    2014 YZ 450 shown Tuesday 6/11/13!

    On the Spec sheet under the MSRP section it states that they are available from June 2013. That seems really early...has anyone heard anything on when they will be delivered to dealerships?
  7. Troutman

    Best Looking Yz450f!!

    Wow great looking 03! looks new, That motor is a beast...Brappppppppp"
  8. Troutman

    FIRST LOOK: 2014 YZ450F !

    Good eye, never knew they were getting extra air through the top of the air box this season. I think that's a great spot, that area never gets real dirty. I also think the production 14 will have a similar gas cap set up.
  9. Very cool YZ, like the fender and number plate too...
  10. A little WD40 every 5 rides or so and they work perfect. Also, A stars has the best customer service and if you drop them an e mail they will send you new buckles. The problem is that the latch pins bend slightly if bucked to tight overtime. Love my 10s they are the most comfortable boot for my huge feet, size 14's.
  11. Troutman

    cold weather riding/07 yz 450 f

    I would've definetly try unplugging the TPS first to see if that takes care of it. If it does not just simply plug it back in. If your bike is a little lean it should not hurt it, if it is very lean it can run hot and therefore have the typical issues that come with running hot which are not good for the engine over time. But like I said i would try the TPS first then re- jet if you have to.
  12. Troutman

    cold weather riding/07 yz 450 f

    My old 06 did the same thing, very inconsistant choppy delivery from 0 - 1/4. Someone suggested disconnecting the TPS and it worked great. It took all of the hesitation out of 0 - 1/4 throttle. I also could not feel any negative effects from 1/4 to wide open after unplugging the TPS, but you may feel a very, very, slight difference in the delivery over the remainder of the throttle positions. However, if you do feel some negative effects you could always plug it back in when the air warms up. Not saying this is your issue but it is something you can try very quickly and plug back in if its not the issue. You also don't need to remove the carb to change your main or pilot jet. Just loosen the carb air and intake boot on both sides and rotate the bottom of the carb towards you to get enough access to the float bowl drain plug. I would search the topic and read enough info on it to feel comfortable doing it this way, there is alot of info on this subject. It is easier to remove the carb and change jets but this is MUCH quicker if done gently and with the right tools. Also, if if it is a jetting issue you may want to change the needle jet in lieu of the main or pilot, I almost remember someone suggesting a NFLQ or NFLP for the 07's lowering the clip position richer until you get the desired results. There have been lots of posts on the cold weather and the 0 - 1/8 or 1/4 throttle surging,hesitation, inconsistent delivery issue so a good search of this forum would be where I would start. Good luck.
  13. Troutman

    2012 YZ450F Exhaust

    Probably Yoshimura, but not 100% sure. However, I do think they lengthened it slightly after the first 2010 450 pipe. Mine seems much shorter than stock and is the first 2010 pipe design from Yosh. I also love the pipes performance it really opens up the top of the RPM's and revs noticeably longer which was what i was after. I have the full system. Take a look in my garage there should be some pics of it in there. Good luck.
  14. Troutman

    '11 or '12

    Get the 12!