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  1. heres mine...
  2. here is my '02
  3. that track looks so nice!
  4. hahahaha
  5. nice pics! lets see some of u riding it
  6. honestly i think we should end this thread. As funny as it is, its plain stupid. Im sure quad riders yfz could beat thumpers 125 in a drag race, which is something to be proud of i guess. But in all honesty you have a quad(quadracer) and that sucks. so go do some donuts or something, and stop flipping out at a young kid with a ttr125.
  7. watch this all you people who talk about quads beating bikes.
  8. iono, just seeing a guy with somethin up his ass is a bit strange
  9. depends on what you want to do. Off-road get a wr, if you wanna ride MX get a YZF
  10. yes that looks real to me to. Just give him credit for doing a good jump.
  11. try this thread
  12. cool vid, that looks like a fun track. Just a little dusty tho
  13. do you even ride a dirt bike?
  14. actually that movie really was a waste of time sorry
  15. lol i know i dislike it