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  1. Yay!!!
  2. Hopefully before christmas cause i asked for it.
  3. did i not just say that like 3 posts ago?
  4. It is All about the rider's personal riding style. Some people belong on 4's and some on 2's. I personally like the 4's.
  5. its called "dont call it a comeback"
  6. Whats that song called?
  7. So everything on rthe 50 works on the 70? Like even the bar and clamp kits made for the 50?
  8. I think i'm just gonna wait for a while and get a 50. There is way more stuff for them.
  9. I'll hold off on that cause i'm onlyt gonna have about 300 dollars to spend so i just need to get the bars and springs for now.
  10. What did you have to do to get that kx60 swingarm on?
  11. Ya i've been looking at BBR,they seem to have some things, the company is was most impresed with is fast 50's,they have a lot for the 70.
  12. Its just eye candy, don't let the new look fool you.
  13. Do you think that Husky is as good as the other 250f's cause i never rode one?
  14. Ya i was looking at bars, pegs, and springs for sure. But the only thing is that most of the companies main focus is the 50 and they kinda dont have a lot for 70's. What companies should i look to for parts.(give thier site too!)
  15. bump!