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  1. xti

    2010 DR650 (what are they gonna add)

    My guess is it will stay pretty much the same for another year.
  2. xti

    Headlight Upgrade (HID) DR650

    Upgraded the headlight bulb as well and it made all the difference. Not a bad idea for those that can't quite afford HID.
  3. Used to own the TE510 and it was a wicked fast bike. Something you may want to consider The 610 has a counter balancer which my 510 did not have. The 510 on asphalt at 70mph buzzed so bad I could barely see out of my eyeglasses. Still a great choice but not if you plan on spending long hours in the saddle above 55/60mph
  4. Thought I would post back the results of the this mod. Before I ordered the 4 Tri LEDs in White I emailed Trailtech to see if they had any updates planned. They said it was to expensive to change the design to brighter bulbs. So, I decided I would give these super bright LED bulbs a try. The LED bulbs arrived and fit snug in the socket but fit fine. The two Trailtech rubber socket covers are slightly shorter for the signals so I needed to add some electrical tape to make them fit snug. You want to be sure you orient the bulbs the right way or they will not light up. Specially important in the turn signal sockets or you will get some really weird stuff happening. If both signal LED indicators come on when your turn one of your signals and nothing will light when you turn on your other signal. Just flip the bulb that will not light around and your signals indicators will act normally. Overall I am very pleased with this upgrade. The Tri LEDs are quite visible in full sun and not overly obnoxious at night. Well worth doing if you are having trouble seeing the Vapor indicator lamps in full sun.
  5. xti

    My Stock Seat Went In For Re-Shaping

    As bad as this DR seat may feel, my DRZ stock seat was much harder on the kiester than my DR seat after a 75 mile ride. While there is definitely room for improvement it could always be worse.
  6. From what I read this mod is less bright and glaring than the OEM Neutral light at night. Don't know if you caught it but there is another link in the above thread that someone bought some drop in led bulbs that require no soldering or resistor. Seems to be pretty happy using them. Thinking about giving them a try. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=506260
  7. I have been really happy with my Vapor speedo. I bought the indicator light module and even though it works great and looks really clean the indicator lamps are a little anemic in daylight. You can barely see that they are on in full sun. I was wondering if anyone has replaced the bulbs with some high intensity LEDs? Don't even know if that is a workable option. But may need to experiment with a few super bright LEDs and see if it makes a difference. Edit- Looks someone else had the same idea. Here is the info how to do it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-524201.html
  8. xti

    WOW....2 1/2 hour grip replacement!

    Bought the ProCycle aluminum throttle tube when I changed mine. Made life easier for sure.
  9. xti

    My Stock Seat Went In For Re-Shaping

    Did not realize there was a such a shortage of Corbin seats. Jesse over at Keintech has a few of them in stock. At least he did yesterday when I was over there.
  10. xti

    Is it just me or DR screws are made of clay?

    I don't even bother using a screwdriver on the Carb screws any more. First thing I reach for is the small vice grips break free the screws then use the Phillips to get them out and replace them with Allens. Maybe they make them tight for a reason. They don't want us de-restricting that EPA mandated Carb.
  11. xti

    DR650 exhaust popping

    Did it have an after-market exhaust on it? Sometimes these do not fit up tight and they leak air. When the hot unburned exhaust comes in contact with o2 you can get a popping sound. Also can be caused by having the carb set too lean.
  12. xti

    Fcr dream lasted 45 seconds!!!!

    Anyone have any recommendations for a new battery. I need to buy one as well. CTX9-BS is the size I would need for a late model DR650SE?
  13. xti

    New 08 DR650 - What should Icheck?

    Partially it's the picture takers fault. The Lockhart Phillips flush mount signals look pretty good in real life. Just shot the picture at a bad angle trying to cover my plate. You can buy these on eBay for around $20 plus shipping. The sure are bright and extremely visible. They come in clear or amber. A word of advise on installing them use a rivet gun and back up the rivets with washers. Works better than the provided screws with less interference on the frame. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/LOCKHART-PHILLIPS-FLUSH-MOUNT-III-TURN-SIGNALS-MARKERS_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el1247QQcategoryZ35598QQihZ004QQitemZ140198966363QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWD1V
  14. xti

    New 08 DR650 - What should Icheck?

    Welcome to the club. You bought one of the best dual sport bikes on the market. Smooth fun and reliable. There are some mirrors I bought on eBay which solve the problem of visibility. They are called Grass tracker. Less money than the extenders. Here is how I streamlined my tail. Flush-mount signals by Lockhart Philips. Good visibility and a little brighter than stock.
  15. xti

    $2 Seat mod

    Great idea! I may be willing to give this a try as I have some high quality foam left over from when we re-carpeted our house. How did you trim after you glued on two layers of the stuff. Not quite sure how big of a piece to cut. The green piece in the pictures in this thread looks quite small. I agree about not wanting to buy a new seat for $300+ I went as far as buying an extra seat to have sent out and redone but just can't bring myself to shell out that kind of money when I have so many other things I would really like to buy. I would really like to give this a try. If it works out, looks like I will have an extra seat I can sell in case anyone else wants to give it a try.